32% Fail Free Typing Test

Touch Typing and Secretarial Training in LondonIn an age of computer keyboard skills being a prerequisite for getting into office work, a surprising 32% failed to achieve speeds of 15 wpm in Holborn Training’s free typing test.

The company, which operates Pitman Training centres in London’s Notting Hill and Holborn, as well as in Manchester, has offered its free online typing test since 2009 and an analysis of the 1331 most recent participants has shown some surprising results.

Of those who failed the test, 35% managed to complete it but were excluded for being too slow (less than 15 wpm) or inaccurate, while 65% failed to even complete the short typing trial in the allotted 5 minutes!

Fortunately 954 participants passed and of these, nearly half achieved speeds of 45 wpm or higher.

Noticeably, two overseas participants logged the highest speed at 97 wpm.

The test requires participants to copy type an amusing piece of text developed specially to challenge their finger positions and efficient use of the keyboard.

Holborn Training’s Managing Director, Shilpa Wymer comments:

“I love this test and I think it has great value in giving an indication of someone’s ability but of course we can’t see whether the participants are touch typing and that’s why we like to back up the test with a live test in one of our training centres, so we can really see what’s going on. That waty we can recommend whether someone needs more training and what level would be appropriate for them.”

Our typing courses ,” she adds, “not only teach you how to be more productive by helping you to stop looking at your fingers or the keyboard, but also how to correct postural problems that can lead to repetitive strain injury. So while we use the free online typing test as a guide, we mustn’t lose sight of the need to touch type.”

Touch typing aside, government and employment professionals must be worried to learn that nearly a third of self-selecting test participants weren’t able to make the grade.

Typing lessons seem to have fallen off the curriculum in recent years while the need for keyboard skills has risen exponentially in line with the rocketing use of computers.

In a tightening jobs market, taking a typing course could give job-seekers a competitive advantage over others applying for the same positions.

For a modest investment of around 25 study hours, gaining typing skills would seem to be an easy way to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Inquisitive readers are invited to attempt the test which can be found at www.holborntraining.co.uk or by clicking here.

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