A New Way To Take A Bookkeeping Course

The venerable institution of bookkeeping has long provided jobs for people from all backgrounds as it offers the security of much-needed routine work coupled with occasional intellectual challenges.

Within an organisation, the bookkeeper holds a position of great responsibility, juggling the financial demands of the business on a day-to-day basis and while such functions can be fulfilled by self-taught individuals, the nature of the work means that it is probably best done by qualified people who have taken a recognised bookkeeping course. Traditionally such a bookkeeping course would have been taken as an evening class at a local college or university but modern technology and advances in learning delivery methods mean that other routes are now available to students.

Pitman Training in London (Notting Hill and Holborn) and Manchester has two training centres that are particularly notable for being at the forefront of this advancement in education.

This organisation recognised that with changing patterns of work and lifestyles, the old model was restrictive so it introduced a new approach across its national network of training centres.

The new approach involves the use of pre-recorded lessons with the emphasis on highly practical “trial and error” exercises, all the while supported by an experienced trainer.

The Pitman Training approach requires attendance at its centres and the training support is therefore delivered in person when it is required.

There’s no waiting for emails or phone calls as there is in the distance learning model.

The Principal of the centres in London’s Notting Hill and Holborn and Manchester, Shilpa Wymer says: “It’s a really supportive blend of pre-recorded lessons and one-to-one attention. The beauty of the pre-recordings is that you can listen again and again while you practice, to really drill the learning into your psyche, but even when you are completely stuck, there’s always a friendly trainer right there to lend a hand.”

Another benefit of this approach is that there is no longer the risk of missing a lesson as the material is always available and can be revisited at any time during your programme.

At the same time, Pitman Training in Notting Hill, Holborn and Manchester are open very long and convenient hours: Monday to Thursday from 09:00-20:00, Fridays 09:00-16:30 and Saturdays from 10:00-16:00.

Using this method, students have the opportunity to study as quickly or as slowly as they wish and therefore can qualify and start looking for jobs much more quickly than those studying at a traditional institute.

Their most popular bookkeeping course is the Accounting Technician Diploma programme which is also their most comprehensive bookkeeping course, covering all aspects of the subject as well as payroll and advanced Excel for forecasting and budgeting purposes.

Where students don’t wish to take a whole diploma programme, they can also take a single bookkeeping course subject such as Basic Bookkeeping or Sage Line 50.

The key is flexibility, with the emphasis on practical, vocational skills, to enable students to find bookkeeping work quickly so they can start earning.

Pitman Training’s diplomas and certificates are widely recognised as a statement of a student’s practical ability and are welcomed by recruitment agencies and employers alike.

To learn more about taking a bookkeeping course in London and Manchester, call Pitman Training:

Notting Hill – 020 7792 5214

Holborn – 020 7025 4700

Manchester – 0161 923 6814

Or click here to contact them by email.

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