A Tough Day At The Hospital

My goodness, what a day! I just got home and I’m sipping a glass of white wine.

Not exactly the message preached by the health professions but I’m by myself and I need support!

I’m a Pitman Trained medical secretary and my job is sooo stressful but I love it.

I work for the Professor of ENT at a local hospital, specialising in the areas of reconstructive rhinoplasty and the psychology of the patient.

It’s an unusual mix of care subjects and is highly specialised. So if my boss is stressed, so am I.

If I hadn’t taken my Pitman Training courses I would never have had the opportunity to work at such a professional level.

What I’ve Been Doing.

Today, something went wrong with one of the operations and while the patient is OK, the Professor’s whole schedule for the week has been thrown out so I’ve been organising other consultants to stand in for him at various hospitals because he is speaking at an international conference at the end of the week.

Microsoft Outlook has been a godsend as I have not only had to book surgeons but also operating theatres and keeping the patients up to date.

It’s certainly been an education and I can’t blame some of the patients for getting upset.

I’ve had to go through the registration process for some of them at alternative hospitals or offer them alternative dates with my boss.

And the whole of the billing procedure will be a nightmare after this!

My Skills Saved Me!

If it wasn’t for the information technology part of my training I’d still be at work.

As I’m an expert user of Word, I can do all sorts of fancy things to increase my productivity such as recording macros and tracking changes. It’s the same with Excel.

And because I had to take a typing course to get my speed up to 70 wpm, I can really bash out the letters using real medical terminology.

That amazes me because I was never any good at sciences! I left school with the idea of becoming a secretary because that was what girls did in those days but I found that by working hard and staying alert, I got on really well, especially after I learnt shorthand.

I worked my way up to pa level but eventually got bored and decided to go into the legal secretary field but I just couldn’t get into it.

So a friend told me about the diploma level medical secretarial courses at Pitman Training.

My experience meant there was no point in my sitting the full Medical Secretarial Diploma, so I decided to do Word Part 2 Advanced and Excel Part 2 Advanced as well as Keyboard Speed Development, medical audio transcription and medical terminology which is really called “The Medical Secretary – An Introduction.”

The courses were quite hard at first because I thought I knew it all and could cut corners but as it turned out, I really needed to go from the ground up to become good enough.

After all, you don’t want to make mistakes when you’re dealing with medical matters!

Anyway, even though today was tough, I’ve known worse and I just see days like today as part of my career development.

So although I’m worn out and my heart’s still racing, I have to admit I love it!

If you’re interested in training to be a medical secretary, and taking medical secretarial courses, why not give Pitman Training a call?

Notting Hill – 020 7792 5214

Holborn – 020 7025 4700

Manchester – 0161 923 6814

Or contact them by email – unlike some of my patients, they won’t bite!

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