A Variety of Sage courses

Behind Microsoft Office and the more popular web browsers are tens of thousands of other software packages that can be useful in the workplace. They range from scheduling helpers to specialist calculators to programs for preparing animated graphics. One of the most useful of all is the Sage payroll and account system.

Sage software is used by about 800,000 businesses in the UK alone. The  modules can cover everything from basic accounting to advanced forecasting and forward planning. It’s one of the key suites used by small businesses and big businesses across most industries. Naturally, it follows that learning to use Sage  is one of the most important things anyone involved in accounting can do.

We offer several Sage courses. For example, the Sage Line 50 course is intended for almost anyone already working with accounts. A level of competency in basic double entry accounting is assumed, so this is ideal for those who want to move towards a more automated, digital account keeping system.

The Sage Payroll v10 course is aimed at those who want to manage their HR and payroll tasks more effectively. It covers PAYE and other employee tax contributions and is an excellent option for any individual or business currently looking after their payroll by hand.

Other book keeping courses are available. They range from those suitable for beginners to advanced offerings for those looking to improve their skills or change the way they handle accounts, invoices, and payroll issues. Some include Sage training while others are more manual in nature.

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