Abimbola Soluade – PA to Pitman Training Franchisee, Lagos

From PA to Pitman Training Franchisee Lagos

From PA to Pitman Training Franchisee Lagos

I came to Pitman Holborn last year as a returning mum who had stayed at home to take care of 2 children for 5 years. Before then, I had worked as a top flight PA for over 12 years, across 9 industries. Sometime in October 2013, I was invited for interview as PA to COO in a famous Oil company in Nigeria and I seriously considered picking up the job; which led to my desire for a refresher course. Little did I know that my life was about to change.

My previous bosses often referred to me as, the best PA they had and I had often thought that I would one day love to teach people how to, ‘be the best PA’. My confidence level had however dropped significantly, being at home for 5 years, until I attended the Executive PA seminar at Holborn.

It wasn’t my first time of being in a similar seminar, but I particularly enjoyed the way the facilitator handled the seminar, making it personal and helping each person relate the lessons to their situation. Everyone in the class felt like the lecture was focused on them and their reason for coming! It was remarkable!

After the class, discussing with my sister, we commenced an online research on how Pitman Training can be brought to Nigeria. A week after the class, I was sitting with PTG’s International Franchise Director.

Needless to say, I returned to Nigeria, not to resume as PA to COO of an oil company but as COO of Pitman Training Lagos. Our first Executive PA seminar is scheduled for January 2015 and I’ll gladly be the facilitator so I can do for others what was done for me – Increase their self-confidence.

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