Annoying Dad Spurs On Executive PA Course Student

My Dad is so annoying.annoying dad
I had just finished reading the National PA Day Survey and I was raving about some of the things the respondents had said:
• “Organising permits with local districts to transport a very tall bronze statue across Europe for several months. This involved lots of comic misunderstanding with Google translator when applying for and interpreting the permits!”
• “Book breakfast at the Ritz.”
• “Organise a conference in Singapore.”

“I’d love to work on challenges like that,” I sighed,” And imagine earning £40K pa!”
“Well first you’d have to get a job,” Dad chipped in. “And it would have to be with a top firm. Not working at the stables for nothing like you do now.”
I didn’t let him see it but that really stung.

I know I should have done better. I got 3 good A-Levels but I didn’t go to university, probably because it was so cushy at home. So I got a few admin jobs that were boring and eventually stayed all day at the stables where my horse was kept, sponging off Mum and Dad.

So this little jibe must have caught me at a weak moment, because I thought, “I ‘m not going to stand for that!” It made me feel like, “I’ll show you.”

I went to my room and Googled “how can I become a PA?” and various questions like that. This web site, kept coming up and they offered a Pitman Training Executive PA course that results in a nationally recognised diploma qualification.

I filled in their online form and within an hour a really nice lady called me.

We had a brief chat (I suppose it was a bit of an ‘admissions interview’) and she invited me in to have a chat with them and have a look at the college.
It was really cool – nothing like a school or college at all!

It looked like a busy office and Ilona, who was looking after me, explained that they specialised in training complete beginners to become high level secretaries and PA’s. In fact, the Executive PA course I had read about was their most popular programme.

I was there for about an hour and a half and Ilona explained everything. It was a big programme, 16 subjects in all, and it cost more than I expected.

I would have to ask my parents to help with the fees if I was to do this course, although Ilona explained that it was possible to pay in instalments.

I was so jazzed up on my way home that I felt as if I had already earned my diploma. But as I thought about what my parents would say, I started to doubt whether I would be able to do the course.
At dinner that night, I tentatively floated the idea with my parents and I was surprised when they said that if I put in the money my aunt had left me in her will, they would lend me the rest to be repaid when I started working.

It turned out that they both knew the Pitman name. Apparently it was really famous!

So it was game on. I called Ilona the next day and I started studying the day after.

That was 5 months ago and I have just been tipped off by one of the trainers about an unadvertised job for a PA. It seems they get quite a number of ‘secret’ jobs phoned into them.

I have arranged an interview for next Thursday (I’ll ask Mum for some clothes money!) and although I don’t think I’m quite ready, I want the practise that I’ll get from doing an interview.
Even if I’m not successful this time, I’ll be graduating in another 6 months , the finished article.

The only thing is, I know if I’m turned down, my Dad will say something like “You’ll just have to pick yourself up, learn from it and start all over again. Oh, and when can I expect my first loan repayment?”
Why are Dads so daddish?

If you’d like to learn more about taking an Executive PA course, please visit or phone:
Pitman Training London Notting Hill – 020 7792 5214
Pitman Training London Holborn – 020 7025 4700
Pitman Training Manchester – 0161 923 6184

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