Antoniya Genova – Executive PA Diploma, Pitman Training Holborn

Antoniya Genova1. What was your favourite course?

Although it is hard to select one since all courses equip you with invaluable practical skills, I would say Microsoft Excel 2010 Expert. It is a powerful tool for data management and analysis, trends forecasting, data interactivity and many other operations important for every business, which is why being an Excel expert is a skill highly sought after by employers.

2. What were you doing before you found Pitman Training?

I graduated from Manchester Business School and I went on to work in Executive recruitment, and later as a PA to the Chairman and Managing Director of a company in South Manchester.

Having seen part of both the academic and practical sides of business, I can easily say that the transferable skills you gain from Pitman Training equal real experience.

3. How has Pitman Training helped you?

All graduates need experience in order to sharpen their knowledge, ability and confidence. Pitman Training has given me so much knowledge that has exceeded my expectations, enhanced my confidence and saved me a lot of time and steps on the professional learning curve.

There are two reasons – the modules taught are thorough but at the same time easily understandable, flexible and most important of all, practical.

And the team is second to none! Their expertise combined with camaraderie is key to every student’s success. Furthermore, I learned a lot about customer service just by observing them because they are real professionals.

In summary, it is up to you to utilise every moment spent with them because Pitman Training offers it all.

It is a real treasure.

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