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Having decided to move into a secretarial role after spending the better part of 20 years in events management, I was concerned that I may struggle without the necessary skills and experience. Having been introduced to the Pitman training by a trusted colleague, I signed up for the secretarial diploma.

When I started the training I was working as assistant to a team of 16 junior consultants. Lacking the experience I needed to perform quickly and effectively, I felt under pressure trying to keep up with my daily workloads. This all changed over the following year and I felt an increase in confidence on completion of each module. By the time I graduated, not only had I become fully competent in all aspects of my role but I found myself being approached by seasoned secretaries asking me how to do things!

Following the success of this course I then moved on to the Legal Secretarial and Exec PA diplomas to further improve my PA skills. I was soon after offered another role in the company supporting the Senior Partner. A role I would not have dreamed of doing before my training, but which I became able to perform with confidence. One particular course that helped me with this was Effective Business Communication which enabled me to deal comfortably with clients. When my new manager was later promoted to the NW Leader for the company, he stipulated that (although he should have had a change of PA with the role), he would like me to continue to support him.

A year later I decided it was time to up my game and I applied for an Exec PA role in a new firm, supporting a Company CEO and entrepreneur. It was just the role I was hoping for but the job description stated they wanted someone with a degree, which I did not have. I got the interview nonetheless and when questioned on this point I told them about my Pitman training which they said was satisfactory. Needless to say I got the job!

I have now been in the role for almost a year and enjoy it tremendously. I am given a lot of responsibility for things I could not have done in my previous role and every day I meet new challenges. I am also involved in lots of things that interest me and am able to influence things for the better.

I finally completed my Exec PA diploma a month ago and was delighted to receive a distinction. Although I have had to work hard to make the time it has been worth every minute. Cost was also a worry for me but the training has already paid for itself with my salary doubling throughout the course of my training.

Throughout my training at Pitman I have found the staff to be incredibly helpful and understanding. I have never failed to get a question fully answered and the centre is always welcoming. Towards the end my schedule was almost impossible and they really bent backwards to make it possible for me to get through. I thank each and every one of them for their patience and support throughout. It has been a very rewarding journey.

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