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Blogging For Business

This short online course is designed to teach you how you can use blogs in a professional capacity and help your business engage with its online customers.

You’ll learn how to write for the correct audience, where to post your blogs and much more!

It’s a self-paced, online course which can be started at any time, and studied from home or work.

Course Content

There are three main areas covered in Blogging for Business:

Finding out about blogs: the different types of blog, typical elements of a blog site and a blog post, interesting blogs, blogs to follow, commenting and sharing on blogs, how you could use a blog, what to post and when

Designing a blog: the different ways to present a blog, adverts, colours and contrasts, images, accessibility issues and different blogging software options

Maintaining the blog site: creating a plan, identifying good post content, writing the content, registering with search engines, distributing posts, sharing and marketing posts and measuring impact

Who’s The Course For?

Pitman Training’s Blogging for Business is suitable for anyone who is starting a blog for their company, as well as those who have been asked to write for their employers’ blog.

Having this course on your CV will give you an additional skill which could help you get your dream job working either in Marketing or PR, as a Social Media Specialist, Journalist, PA, VA or Office Manager.

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Blogging for Business is an online course, but you are also welcome to study at one of our training centres in London and Croydon:

How Does The Blogging For Business Course Work?

Blogging for Business is an online course that can be studied either from home or work, or at one of our training centres in London and Croydon.

On average, it will take you around 4 hours to complete the course, but you will have up to 29 days from when you start in which you have to complete the course.

You can start this course at any time, and study when it’s convenient for you.

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