Bookkeepers In Demand!

Shilpa Wymer, MD.This morning there were 409 listings for bookkeeping jobs on!
What a huge amount of opportunity and the salary range for full-time work was £17,000-£35,000. There were loads of part-time and hourly paid positions too!

So although we are in a recession and unemployment remains stubbornly high, there is still huge demand in this sector.

As is so often the case, though , the problem for employers is that they can’t find competent people to fill these quite technical roles. And that’s where Pitman Training, in London’s Notting Hill and Holborn, and also in Central Manchester, come in.

Managing Director Shilpa Wymer explains: “We say Pitman Training is the best thing next to experience and is often better! We can prove it, too, as so many of our students are still getting great jobs, even in these tough times.”

Mrs Wymer goes on to explain that when it comes to bookkeeping courses, the Pitman Training Accounting Technician Diploma enjoys the highest success rate of getting students the best jobs.

“This really is the king of bookkeeping courses,” she explains. “It covers 9 subjects on a really practical basis, so students can often leave the programme and go straight into their new career, ‘job ready.’”

The organisation puts approximately 100 students through the programme every year. Students can start any time and study at hours to suit them during the 3 centres’ long opening hours, which include daytimes, evenings and Saturdays.

Mrs Wymer again: “We operate almost on a drop-in basis (with a little bit of pre-booking), so students attend when they’re able to. It’s great if you’re working variable shifts. And if you’re between jobs, you can almost come and live with us till you graduate!” She laughs.

“In fact, one of the great things about the Pitman Training teaching method is that you can control how quickly or how slowly you want to qualify. The more hours you put in, the more quickly you’ll graduate and be out looking for jobs.”

The cost of taking bookkeeping courses at the Accounting Technician level, can be difficult for some people so the organisation has introduced instalment plans where a minimum deposit of £600.00 is enough to get you started.

And if even this is a barrier for students, it is always possible to take each of the bookkeeping courses included in the diploma one at a time over a longer period.

Mrs Wymer claims, “It’s all about choice and opportunity for our students. We try as hard as we can to make it possible for people to get on our bookkeeping courses. Our purpose as a training provider is ‘Changing lives, building futures’ and we try to remain focused on that.”
That seems a big slogan to live up to however Mrs Wymer says she has seen many students literally have their situation turned around.

“For example, our student Riccardo Fortuna recently took our Accounting Technician programme, joining us while he was unemployed and getting the job he was looking for very soon after graduating. And student Ade was unhappy in his call centre job so he took the programme and quickly got a rewarding job in an accounting firm.”
It really does seem as though the bookkeeping courses in this diploma programme are something special if their students’ record of success is anything to go by.

You can learn more about it at or by calling:
London Notting Hill – 020 7792 5214
London Holborn – 020 7025 4700
Central Manchester – 0161 923 6814

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