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Book-keeper Qualifications

Agnes Lange came to the UK from her native Poland to develop her English and liked it so much, she decided to stay.

“But I’ve always been ambitious, so although I was pleased to have found work in a restaurant, I felt I could do better.”

“At home, I had studied Engineering & Chemistry and developed a real liking for the mathematical side of things. So I started to research how I could match my enjoyment of figure work with the types of careers available in the UK.”

Agnes’s research showed there was a lot of demand for qualified bookkeepers and she set out to find out how to get the required knowledge.

“I found Pitman Training on the web and they offered exactly the right course content for me plus their flexible study hours meant I would be able to achieve my goals in my own time.”

“As it turns out, the ability to choose how quickly (or slowly) you want to study made the whole course very stress-free for me.”

“Having found Pitman Training, I emailed them on the Friday, met with them on the Saturday and began my Accounting Technician course on the Wednesday!”"When I phoned home, I was so excited to tell my parents that I had enrolled!”

“Naturally I was a bit nervous when I started. After all, it had been a while since I had studied and English is not my first language, but within hours I remembered how exciting it feels to be learning and I felt energised.

And as the tuition is in such clear English, I could sense my language skills developing too.”

“I found the Manual Payroll module the hardest to learn but the trainers were great and I quickly got the hang of it. I’m really glad I did because I now know how to calculate my own tax!”

“I also loved ‘Effective Business Communication‘ as it was quite challenging to learn the correct ways to express yourself for business. Again, the trainers, Anna, Ryan and Kombo were great.”

“On the software side, I feel very confident using Excel and Ryan went out of his way to help me with Sage Line 50. I know I’ll need my Sage skills to get a good job.”
“You may have guessed by the way I’m talking that I really liked the training team. I never felt alone and it was a real family atmosphere.”

Agnes passed each of her 12 exams with distinction and now has her coveted Pitman Training Accounting Technician Diploma.

She is very proud of her achievement and says she is now ready for her new career, which is just as well as she has a number of interviews already lined up!

A final word from Agnes about her Accounting Technician course:

“I was lucky in a way, to have quite a lot of study time because I was working in the evenings. But even though I could have finished my course in as little as 3 months, I decided to take my time and really get ‘under the skin’ of the subjects and I believe that was how I was able to earn distinctions in my exams. But that’s the great thing about Pitman Training – it’s your choice how you approach your studies. There’s no stress! I’d recommend Pitman Training to anyone.”

We’re proud of Agnes’ achievements and can’t wait to hear about her forthcoming career success!

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What Is Covered In Our Accounting Technician Diploma.

This is an in-depth bookkeeping course course and is made up of the following “core modules” plus 1 “elective.”

The core modules are:

As all our diploma programmes offer a high degree of tailorability, prices and duration are calculated for the specific needs of each student, based on exemptions for their existing skills and their choices of electives.

Your choice of elective will depend on your experience and career goals and can be from any of our range of courses (see course list).

Popular electives at the moment include Word Proficient or Expert, Company Law and Effective Business Communication.

This is one of the most comprehensive bookkeeping courses in Britain. It’s a lot to learn, but don’t worry, our course advisors will be with you every step of the way.

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Who Should Study For The Pitman Training Accounting Technician Diploma?

This diploma is essential to anyone who is serious about getting into bookkeeping or accounting and who wants to learn practical skills which are attractive to employers.

Whether you are looking to move into finance for the first time or have some experience and want a qualification to prove your worth to employers, this in-depth diploma course will make you knowledgeable and marketable.

Click here to check out our Foundation In Finance Diploma.

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