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Business Document Production Course

About our Business Document Production Course.

Office Manager TrainingIn four simple but comprehensive lessons, spread over 6-8 hours, you’ll cover every aspect of the discipline including correct layout, spelling and corrections, amendments, missing punctuation, keying in letters, memos and reports and correctly inserting information from other documents.

This is a course designed to be flexible – since it’s based on the self-study concept, you’ll be able to train when it suits you, either online or at one of our centres in London’s Notting Hill or Holborn, or in Croydon.

Once your training is complete, you’ll have a workbook to keep as a handy reference guide. And, of course, the Pitman Training name on your CV will always be of benefit.

To enhance your skills even further, we suggest you consider other courses within our Text Processing qualifications, or Audio Transcription Level 2.

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Course Objectives.

This course has been designed to prepare those who wish to take the OCR Text Production examination at level 2 (mandatory unit of the Text Processing
(Business Professional). It’s great for admin staff working in law firms, too!

Business Document Production Course – What’s Covered.

Lesson One: Keying in a business letter using the correct layout, keying in a memo and a report, recognising spelling errors and correcting them, correctly expand abbreviations, changing line spacing within a document, emphasising text as instructed.

Lesson Two: Recognising and interpreting amendment and correction signs in order to produce correct copy, producing a letter and memo that include a special mark, locating and incorporating a forward date, keying in a report with a change of line spacing.

Lesson Three: Producing documents from written draft that includes special marks and continuation pages, recognising and correcting errors of agreement, transposing text vertically, inserting missing punctuation, locating and correctly inserting text not included in the written draft, being aware of the importance of consistency of style in relation to figures.

Lesson Four: Keying in a letter, memo and report observing all instructions, locating and correctly inserting information contained in another document. Completing the three documents within 1 ¼ hours. Revision of all topics covered in the course.

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