Business Owners Can’t Work Out What Social Media Is For

social media strategy courseRemember when the internet first came on the scene? Most business owners knew it was going to change marketing forever but couldn’t work out how and consequently missed the bus.
Now the same is true of social media.

Some early adopters seem to be reaping huge rewards from their marketing actgivities on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ while the majority of entrepreneurs seem to be struggling to make head or tail of it. If you’re in that group, what can you do break free from the pack?

A convenient and low cost solution would be to take some of Pitman Training’s short online social media for business courses. As these courses are available online, they are an ideal way for business owners to fit studying around their other responsibilities. Or if you’re simply too busy, why not get one of your staff to study online or in-centre in London’s Notting Hill, Holborn, Croydon or in Manchester?

You could start with Pitman’s Social Media Strategy course, which takes the average student about 7 hours to complete and which lays out the all important basics.

Following this, the obvious topics to choose would be Facebook For Buisness and Twitter For Business, again requiring about 4 or 5 hours of study each.

In the Twitter course, you’ll learn to set up a Twitter account, how to write Tweets, following people and gaining followers. Then you’ll learn how to use lists to group people together, using keywords for researching topics, using shortened links to track tweet popularity, content – what to say and what not to say, and how to measure your success.

You’ll also cover how to use popular social media management sites such as HootSuite, so you can schedule your updates, and enhance how you interact with the people you follow, and those that follow you.

The Facebook course covers how to use its features effectively, how to optimise your profile or page, How to attract new audiences to your page and how to market yourself creatively.
Additional areas covered include promoting a company page and events, running competitions and pre-planning your posts.

Pitman also offers modules on Linked In, Google+ and video for business.

As with all marketing activity, the key to success with these initiatives is to keep using the various platforms repeatedly, building your audience, which takes time. This is a good reason for sending a subordinate to gain the skills as all too often, a business owner embarks on a plan with good intentions but has to abandon it due to lack of time.

Choosing which member of your team to experience this type of training is always difficult, particularly if you run a very small organisation, however it is a good idea to send a younger person as experience shows they grasp the concepts and application methods of the social media platforms very easily.

Strong implementation of what is learned on the Pitman courses should result in incremental sales enquiries for free, as well as a significant amount of brand building and closer engagement with existing customers.

The fantastic news for business owners and marketeers is that this time you haven’t missed the bus – yet! Social media is just beginning to come into its own in the world of marketing and it is definitely not too late to get on board, profitably.

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