Cameron Hathaway – Course advisor for Pitman Training High Holborn

Camron HathawayHello my name is Cameron Hathaway and I am a Course Advisor at Pitman Training in High Holborn.

My role is to find out the future career ambitions of prospective students and then work together with them to get them there. I assess their current skills and together we develop a package that will cover all of their skills gaps. At the end of the day it is my role to get them the skills they require to fulfil their dreams.

I absolutely love my job as each day is hugely different and I get to help so many people fulfil their goals. I meet a range of people from all around the world with varying backgrounds and find out how they got to this point in their life. I then get to work with them to devise a way for them to get to their next goal.

One of the best aspects of my role is watching the progression of each student. I get to see them from their initial introduction to Pitman Training, all the way through to when they finish their course and reach the goals they strived for.

I really enjoy meeting people and helping them onto the next step of their life, whether that be a small skill that will help them with their current career or a set of skills that will give them the chance to change their whole career.

No matter what training you have had in the past I would recommend getting in contact with us so you have the opportunity to find out what it is like to be a student of Pitman Training.

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