Choosing Training That Suits You

You might be among the many individuals eager to make the most of professional development opportunities. After all, the employment market is highly competitive at present and to impress your current or future bosses, you need to demonstrate a high degree of skill and ability.

However, so far you might not have found courses that are suited to your particular requirements. For example, you might have been put off by the training methods used.

This is where we come in. Our Pitman Training centres offer programmes with a difference and because we understand the importance of flexibility, we provide different methods of training.

Among the most convenient and easy to manage offerings are those that use our self-paced methodology. Whether you want to gain legal secretary qualifications, undergo book keeping courses or anything else, you can use these types of programme to better your skills at a time and speed that suits you.

When you attend our centres, you will have access to a PC with audio tuition, as well as a high-quality workbook. And, if you get stuck, you can simply ask one of our experienced and helpful tutors for assistance.

However, if you are after something more condensed, perhaps because you need to gain the skills particularly quickly, you can make use of our instructor-led training sessions. We run these in a range of subjects, including Meetings & Minutes, Executive PA Skills and The Professional Receptionist.

To find out about all our offerings, including our payroll courses, take a look around our website.

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