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Anyone looking to train for a career in accountancy or bookkeeping must surely be overwhelmed by the choices available to them!

Not only is it difficult to choose between Pitman Training, AAT, ACCA, CIMA and the plethora of qualifications on offer, but the student must wisely choose a credible training provider or institute that will deliver the appropriate certificate or diploma.

So How Do You Start?

Well, as experience shows that the previously mentioned awarding bodies are all very professional, it is really a question of your aspirations, your preferred route to success, money and time.

In terms of aspirations, it is important to identify how you would like your future career to work out.

Are you aiming for the top, with the goal of working your way up to Finance Director, is middle management more to your taste or would you be happy with a bookkeeping job?

Having identified that, it is important to determine whether you will invest time in an academic-based approach where you will earn important qualifications but will need later to find employment and develop your skills in a corporate environment or whether you prefer to take vocational accounting courses which will enable you to enter the jobs market more quickly.

Once you have made the decision on which route you will take, it is time to consider how much money you want to invest in your training.

Broadly speaking, vocational accounting courses, such as Pitman Training’s Accounting Technician Diploma, are lower cost than those of ACCA or AAT certified qualifications which are more academic.


Many providers offer finance plans too, so that you can spread the cost of learning over the duration of your training programme. Next there is the question of how you will find the time to study.

If you’re able to study full time, all options are open to you and many people in this fortunate position veer towards the academic style, enjoying the benefits of college life.

Others study at a Pitman Training centre in London in order to gain a qualification as quickly as they can.

Full Or Part-Time?

For those who are unable to study full time, learning is always a difficult balance between work, home-life and education and students tend to become Pitman Training or AAT-qualified accounting technicians as these providers’ qualifications can be earned through part-time or flexi-study.

Indeed, Pitman Training in London (Holborn and Notting Hill) details on its web site a methodology ( where students have no fixed timetable, choosing to attend when they are able to do so blending daytime study with evenings or weekends.

Choosing A Training Provider.

Once you have determined which level of qualification, route to success, budget level and time commitment are right for you, how do you decide which institute or training centre is the one for you?

It is essential to visit a number of your preferred institutes to get an overview of their training styles, the capability of the trainers themselves and maybe even to talk to some of the students to see what it’s really like behind the scenes.

Some providers even let potential students sample their accounting courses and this is an ideal opportunity for you to decide whether everything meets with your expectations.

Don’t be put off by the amount of work involved in choosing a training provider. It’s worth the effort to ensure you start your career as a financial professional with the strongest base up which to build a glittering future.

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