Consider a Career in Accounting

Accountancy has an unfair reputation as dull and boring. Actually it’s anything but – the person who looks after the accounts has one of the most important jobs in the company. They are paid fairly well and enjoy a high level of trust and respect. It’s not just about the handling of cheques and invoices either. An accountant has the responsibility to spot potential problems before they become serious and make sure finances never get out of hand. They must be discreet, organised, tenacious, and precise.

For many people, a career in accounts starts with a beginners bookkeeping course. At Holborn Training the introductory option covers all the basics right from ground level. No previous experience is necessary but you’ll still leave with a solid grounding in manual accounting. The topics covered include VAT, invoicing, credit notes, ledgers, and the double-entry accounting system.

We also offer advanced training in all aspects of accounting, including programs focussed around specific pieces of Sage software. Learners can choose to further improve their skills with a Holborn Training payroll course, for example, or branch out into HR and personnel management.

Those who really want to pursue a career in the field should consider an accounting diploma. The full course covers a wide variety of subject areas, some of which form the building blocks for further, well-recognised qualifications. The diploma can be a way of setting yourself up with all the skills a needed to take care of accounts in a business environment or be the first step towards becoming an accountant in your own right.

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