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Marketing Essentials Including Social Media.


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Marketing Course – Essentials

If you’re seeking a job in marketing as a marketing assistant, administrator or secretary, this is the programme for you.

This training course, a module from our Business IT Diploma With Marketing diploma course, provides your first step into the fast moving world of the marketing department.

You’ll need to invest approximately 12 study hours at Pitman Training in London (High Holborn and Notting Hill) or Croydon where you’ll cover 4 in-depth lessons.

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What Is Covered In This Marketing Course.

Certified Internet WebmasterThis is such a comprehensive course for people with little or no knowledge of marketing and it’s practicality means you’ll quickly blend into the colourful role of marketing assistant.

This exciting marketing course is a great first step towards a professional career in marketing. It also forms part of our Marketing Assistant Diploma programme, which will take you to even greater marketing heights and improve our employablity even more.
And don’t forget that you’re welcome to visit us to sample this programme, free, before making up your mind whether it’s right for you!

Your four carefully constructed lessons will cover:

  • Lesson One:
    Understanding what a marketing plan is for; how to research a product for marketing purposes; how to carry out market research; qualitative and quantitative research; questionnaires; customer profiles
  • Lesson Two:
    How websites are designed to market the company and the product; working with search engines; using keywords to increase internet presence; using social networks as a marketing tool; different ways to advertise online; email marketing; mobile marketing; monitoring the effectiveness of search, website and social media marketing; convergent technology
  • Lesson Three:
    The AIDA formula for effective advertising; the use of colour, images and text in advertising; how advertising encourages the customer to take the next step; why and when companies use flyers; elements of an effective flyer; why and when companies use news releases; key elements of an effective news release; writing a news release; how news feeds work in social networking; effective television and radio advertising
  • Lesson Four:
    The four Ps of marketing products; the lifecycle of a product; product placement and pricing strategies; how companies promote the brand; the importance of brand loyalty; careers in marketing, and how to get started in this sector

ou can study this course online or better still, at any of our 3 training centres:

London Notting Hill – 020 7792 5214

London Holborn – 020 7015 4700

Croydon – 020 8688 0378

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