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Accounting For Non-Financial Managers


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Accounting For Non-Financial Managers

If you need to gain an understanding of accounts but don’t wish to study accountancy, this short (12 hours) self-paced course is ideal for you.

Teaching accounting for non-financial managers, it is aimed at employees who need to raise their game when discussing financial matters at work or at self-employed people who need to have a better understanding of the accounting function when dealing with an accountant, you can start this course at any time and study at hours to suit you in our comfortable training centres in London’s Notting Hill or High Holborn, or in Croydon.

Accounting For Non-Financial Managers – What You Will Learn.

The learning outcome for this course is to help you how to read and interpret accounts in 5 key lessons covering:

  • Lesson One:Fixed and current assets, debtors and creditors, the accounting equation. capital and reserves, the purpose and layout of a balance sheet
  • Lesson Two:The purpose of a profit and loss account, the importance of stock-taking, depreciation, capital and revenue expenditure.
  • Lesson Three:Accruals, provisions, prepayments, the role of capital and reserves.
  • Lesson Four:The importance of the profit and loss account, calculating profit at various levels.
  • Lesson Five:The meaning of profit margins, making comparisons on financial statements, analysing a profit and loss account.

At the end of the course, you’ll take an exam leading to a valued Pitman Training certificate and this course also covers part of the syllabus for the ITEC Business Competence Level 3 unit.

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