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Bookkeeping – Advanced

Our flexible Advanced Bookkeeping Courses are self-paced, taking the average student just 18 hours to complete.

Covering what you need to learn in order to meet the OCR, IAB or AAT Level 2 bookkeeping examination requirements, this Advanced Bookkeeping Course will equip you with a wealth of Bookkeeping knowledge, as well as enable those running a small business to keep accurate accounting records and prepare financial statements.

To make sure it’s the right level for you, why not visit us to sample the course for free?

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Advanced Bookkeeping Courses – Structure

The great thing about Pitman Training’s Advanced Bookkeeping Courses is that you can start them anytime (there are no term dates), and you can study at hours to suit you.

We’ve ensured that all four of our training centres operate flexible opening hours, to allow you to fit your training around your other commitments.

So in short – you create your own study timetable!

You’ll enjoy our self-paced training using high quality audio and course materials under the supervision of our friendly, experienced training team.

You’re welcome to visit any of our centres to see how we train, and try out a free demo of the course, to make sure it’s right for you.


This course is available to be studied at any of our three Pitman Training Centres. See below for directions, maps and further information.

Alternatively, if you can’t get to one of our training centres, you can study this course from home via distance learning.

Course Content

You’ll work through the following lessons:

  • Lesson One – Preparing a Trial Balance from the ledger accounts as well as from a list of account balances, using the Journal to correct errors not disclosed by the Trial Balance, preparing a revised Trial Balance following the correction of errors
  • Lesson Two – Using the Journal to start up a new set of double entry accounts, knowing how to write off bad debt, including any associated VAT, the purpose of a suspense account, using the Journal to correct errors and clear a suspense account, demonstrating the ability to make journal entries and adjustments and produce a revised Trial Balance
  • Lesson Three – Recognising the format used when extending the Trial Balance, categorising items of income and expenditure, calculating depreciation, accruals and prepayments, calculating the value of stock consumed, using the journal to record year-end adjustments
  • Lesson Four – Transferring the year-end adjustments to the Extended Trial Balance, distinguishing between the different type of account, extending the balances from the Trial Balance columns to either the Profit and Loss or Balance Sheet columns, calculating the profit, or loss, of the business
  • Lesson Five – Preparing a Profit and Loss account and Balance Sheet, calculating the gross profit percentage, knowing how to calculate the mark up percentage
  • Lesson Six – Closing off the ledger accounts at the end of the accounting period, recognising when a balance is to be carried forward to the next accounting period and when it is to be transferred to the Profit and Loss account, demonstrating the ability to extend a Trial Balance and prepare the financial statements of a business
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Who Should Study This Bookkeeping Course?

Advanced Bookkeeping is aimed at people with prior knowledge of Bookkeeping, who need to get their skills up to an expert level.

It’s recommended that you have completed and passed Bookkeeping for Beginners and Intermediate Bookkeeping to ensure you’re ready to learn Advanced Bookkeeping.

If you’re looking to learn Sage Line 50, Advanced Bookkeeping is the final step before you have the skills and knowledge to go on to this.

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