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Bookkeeping – Intermediate

This manual bookkeeping course follows on from our Module 1 programme and is designed to stretch your skills even further!

You can study at either our Notting Hill, Holborn or Croydon training centres and this programme typically requires 22 hours of study. You can start the course at any time and study at hours to suit you during our long opening hours, which include evenings and Saturdays. This course covers part of the OCR and IAB Level 2 book-keeping examination requirements, as well as enabling those running a small business to keep accurate accounting records.

Studying this bookkeeping training course will enable you to sit two online assessments which lead to the AAT Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping.

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What Is Covered In This Bookkeeping Training Course.

You’ll enjoy 8 key lessons in this comprehensive bookkeeping training course:

  • Lesson One – Posting the opening balances at the start of a new trading year, using a Trial Balance to illustrate the accounting equation, posting brought forward balances, making postings from a 3 column Cash Book to the ledger accounts.
  • Lesson Two – Understanding the various methods of making and receiving payments, preparing a daily takings and cash for banking form, reconciling daily takings to a till roll report, completing a paying in slip in order to bank money received, checking eligibility for cash discount.
  • Lesson Three – Updating and balancing the ledger accounts, reconciling the Debtors and Creditors Control accounts, using the Journal in order to process the book-keeping entries for contra transactions and bad debt, processing a returned cheque.
  • Lesson Four – Preparing a cash reconciliation statement, the reasons why a bank reconciliation is performed, preparing a bank reconciliation statement, updating the Cash Book.
  • Lesson Five – Knowing how to maintain a self-managed credit control system, the purpose of a monthly statement, preparing monthly statements to send to customers, the purpose of an aged debtor analysis.
  • Lesson Six – Comparing a supplier statement to the related Purchase Ledger account, preparing a reconciliation statement, the action to take in respect of any discrepancies, identifying invoices falling due for payment, preparing a remittance advice and related payments.
  • Lesson Seven – The purpose of payroll, the elements which make up gross pay, identifying typical statutory and voluntary deductions and employer oncosts, preparing the Journal entries to account for payroll, keeping a Wages/Salaries Control account and Wages/Salaries Expenses account, keeping PAYE/NIC and Pension Creditor accounts.
  • Lesson Eight – Different VAT schemes, knowing how the double entry system is used in order to account for VAT, Form VAT 100 and preparing a pro forma VAT return, balancing the VAT account, demonstrating the ability to process ledger transactions and prepare control accounts.

How This Book-keeping Course Works.

You can start this course at any time and study at hours to suit you. We’re open Monday to Thursday from 09:00-20:00; Fridays from 09:00-16:30 and Saturdays from 10:00-16:00.

You choose your own study hours!

You’ll enjoy self-paced training using high quality audio and training materials under the supervision of our friendly, experienced staff who are dedicated to helping you.

You can even sample the course, free, before making up your mind whether it’s right for you.

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