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Accounts – Principles, Standards & Conventions

A High Value Online Accountancy Course At Low Cost - Only £159.00!
Fast – 8 to 15 hours.
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If you’d like to be more comfortable with accountancy terminology but don’t need to prepare accounts yourself, this is the right accountancy course for you!

In only 8-15 hours of online study you will cover 7 key topics:

  • Background to Financial Management
  • Accounting and Financial Management
  • Principles of Accounting
  • Ways of Measuring Financial Information
  • Assets
  • Liabilities
  • Financial Statements – the Balance Sheet

You’ll explore how and why financial information is measured, as well as get to grips with assets, liability, balance sheets and other key terms. You will also receive a glossary to help you understand important financial terms.

Who Is This Online Accountancy Course Aimed At?

This programme was written for people who feel out of their depth when dealing with accountancy professionals at work and seeks to give students the knowledge and confidence to be able to handle themselves in such situations.

Practical Details.

This programme is available online and you have access to the training for 3 months, although most students complete the programme in as little as 8-15 hours.

You’ll find:

  • The material is focused on work and careers.
  • Specially designed learning activities help you put into practice the new habits and skills you have gained, reinforcing your learning and creating a memorable course-style.
  • Interactive ‘Quick Quizzes’ to give you the chance to test your new-found knowledge.
  • Learning bookmarks built into the system, so you can easily start again where you left off.
  • Automatic progress tracking to help you see your progress, building up your motivation.

At the end of the course you’ll take an exam leading to the award of a handsome Pitman Training certificate!

To find out more or to enrol, just call our friendly Course Advisors:

London Notting Hill – 020 7792 5214

London High Holborn – 020 7025 4700

Croydon – 020 8688 0378

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