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Admin & Office Skills Training

Cindy JepsonPitman Training is the oldest and best recognised name in admin and office skills training courses.

Our focus is on developing skills to help you get into work, real practical training that sets you apart from everyone else in a competitive jobs market.

We’ll teach you how to type properly, how to use Microsoft Office to a level you didn’t know existed, how to lay out letters and even Business English!

We have over 80 courses to choose from and a free chat with one of our friendly Course Advisors will help you decide which route to take to get into office work or refresh your skills.

You can choose single course modules, such as Word, Excel or Sage Line 50 or earn a diploma qualification such as our Executive PA course, Legal Secretarial course, Medical Secretarial course or even a bookkeeping course!

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Over 80 Office Skills Training Courses To Choose From!

We have such a wide range of courses to choose from.

Our most popular diploma programmes are:

A diploma programme is made up of a number of single modules focused on getting you into a specific job.

Our most popular single modules are:

Whether you choose a full diploma programme or just single courses, our friendly Course Advisors will help you make the right choice to give you the best chance of getting into work.

They really have their finger on the pulse of the world of work.

And when you visit our centres, keep your eyes on our notice boards because, not only do we publish all the advertised jobs for the week, we also receive a number of unadvertised jobs directly from employers.

Another important point is that we have a terrific CV writing and interview skills course which is very thorough!

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