Career Specific Courses.
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Career Building Courses

Career Specific Courses

All our training courses are very practical, offering transferable skills that will ensure your popularity with potential employers.

Our career specific courses fall into the following categories:

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Our Career Specific Courses Are All About Getting You Into Work!

The courses listed above are all focused on specific job roles to make it easier for recruitment agencies and employers to know exactly what you do. They’re targeted studies, so if you are trying to get a job as a legal secretary, for example, that’s exactly what your qualification is, so matching you to the job is easy and accurate!

And because Pitman Training is the oldest name in office skills training, we’re widely acknowledged as being the best of breed, so employers know they’re interviewing a highly skilled candidate.

Very Practical Courses.

Pitman Training courses are also famous for the practical skills they impart to students. Our courses are not just about knowing information. They’re about applying the information in the workplace, which is another key reason employers love our qualifications so much. In addition to the learning points in each course, you’ll enjoy increasingly challenging exercises and tasks to help you internalise what you have learned.

Our goal is to have you “career ready” by the time you have completed your studies in order to make you stand out from the job hunting crowd.

Even Our Classrooms Look Like Offices!

One thing that strikes visitors to our training centres is how much they look like busy offices. Indeed, when you visit, you’ll notice everyone sitting at the latest computers at desks in a fully air-conditioned, carpeted environment. It’s quite impressive!

We strive to make our training environment match up to the quality of our courses and our reputation at the top of the training tree!