Decision-Making Course
For BTEC Management Studies.


Decision Making & Taking

Decision Making Course – Unit 9.

This unit is made up of 3 modules (see descriptions below) which can be taken as stand-alone subjects.

The whole unit is usually completed in 36-62 study hours.

You can start your studies whenever you wish and you can study at times to suit you as the modules are delivered online.

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What Is Covered.

Module 1 – Information & Communication Needs. (Approx 6 – 12 hrs)

As a manager you must ensure the decisions you make are the right ones. This module will enable you to analyse information and knowledge needs, so you can make the right call. You will look at different types of information; consider the importance of information and knowledge in the decision making process; discover the difference between data and information; and explore the concept of the knowing organisation. Your problem solving skills will be improved as you explore different types of problem; overcome barriers to problem solving and learn how to define and analyse the problem correctly.


• Information for decision making

• Problem diagnosis

• Problem solving techniques

Module 2 – Improvements in the decision making process.
(Approx 15 – 25 hrs)

To give you the management edge, you will need to develop your decision-making processes and draw on all the current information and knowledge available in the workplace and beyond. This module will improve your ability to make decisions by showing you how good decisions are made, and by encouraging you to examine your own decision making processes. As part of your development you will also investigate different approaches to decision making and examine different decision making tools including ‘SWOT’ and ‘Fishbone’. You will also explore the reasons why you will need to negotiate and look at the theories, behaviours, and practices that will enable you to negotiate successfully.


• Decision making

• Approaches to decision making

• Negotiating for managers

• Dissemination of the decision

Module 3 – Implement and monitor improvements.
(Approx 15 – 25 hrs)

A successful idea is only effective if it has been implemented. This module will help improve your skills at implementing improvements, and monitoring them. It will help you to consider methods for implementing improvements to the decision making process; investigate the difference between formal and informal channels of communication and enable you to discover how monitoring and evaluation can help you measure the effectiveness of your improvements.


• Implementing improvements

• Monitoring improvements

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