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Event Management

Event Management Course

In less than 15 hours you can be ready and able to run exciting, major events! And you can study in London Holborn, London Notting Hill or in Croydon, or even online.

Our Event Management Course aims you teach you to master the art of event planning and organising. From budgeting to marketing the actual event, you’ll have it covered.

This course is not only aimed at those interested in pursuing a career in event management, it’s also essential for busy PA’s, PR professionals and charity fundraisers who want to get to grips with event management.

A nationally recognised Event Management Course, this exciting programme can be completed in as little as 12-15 hours.

And you can start anytime, even today if you like!

Study daytimes, evenings, Saturdays or a mixture to develop your event management skills fast!

About This Course

This Events Management training is practical and ‘hands on’, and will set you on the right track towards confidently running your own stress free events.

So if you like the idea of juggling lots of tasks, organising varying groups of people and making sure every little detail has been covered – this is the course for you!

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What’s Covered?

In just 12-15 hours you’ll have completed:

Lesson 1 – The role of event management, classifying different types of event, recognising common features, understanding the impact of size and complexity, knowing about uncertainty in events, identifying the different stages of an event.

Lesson 2 – Establishing the aims and objectives of an event, identifying key parties, deciding on the size of the event, identifying where and when an event should take place, costing and pricing different proposed events, establishing whether an event is achievable, identifying events that will appeal to the target market.

Lesson 3 – Forming an event management team, recruiting staff and volunteers, reporting and communicating among and between teams, creating an event plan, booking special guests, using external providers, managing teams.

Lesson 4 – Attracting and managing sponsorship, other sources of funding for events, promoting the event (including social media event marketing), managing registration, types of tickets, managing logistics, contingency planning.

Lesson 5 – Risk management, laying out the venue, liaising with the venue owner and external providers, sending out information to delegates and guests, rehearsals and pre-event briefings.

Lesson 6 – The role of the event manager during the event, how event managers handle common problems, clearing up after the event, evaluating the event, analysing feedback, final administrative tasks, post event promotion, careers in event management.

Who Should Take This Course?

Organising events is a common role in many careers, especially for PA’s, PR professionals and marketers, let alone aspiring events managers!

Anyone interested in a career in events or those who just want to know how to plan and execute events successfully, communicate effectively to get the best from a team, and market an event to gain maximum attendance is well suited for this exciting course in event management.

If you’re truly dedicated to building a career in Event Management, check out our exciting new Event Management Diploma.

Event Planning for PAs

We’ve teamed up with Secs and the City to bring you a podcast full of top tips on Event Management for PAs.

About Us

Holborn Training has been operating Pitman Training centres under franchise in London’s Notting Hill and Holborn, and in Croydon since 2004.

Our centres are equipped with the latest technology and are supported by our friendly training team, who know all the courses inside out, having studied them themselves.

Most of our courses are self-paced, meaning you come in to study at hours to suit you, something our students love as it means they can fit their studies around work or other commitments.