Executive PA Masterclass

In two action-packed days, we’ll cover:

  • The modern PA’s objectives
  • Outsourcing to Virtual Assistants
  • Social media for business
  • Using internet tools
  • What is personal branding?
  • Leveraging your power as a PA
  • Getting the best from business networking
  • Enhancing your working relationship with your boss
  • Identifying what your boss needs from you
  • Investigating communication styles
  • Dealing with VIPS
  • Adding Value to your role
  • Maximising your performance appraisal scores
  • Exploring contemporary Office Systems
  • Email Management strategies
  • Diary Management strategies
  • Planning and goal setting
  • Using timelines in project management
  • Online event management tools
  • How to present your ideas to management
  • Party planning techniques
  • A practical formula for influencing others
  • Practical win-win negotiation
  • Developing creativity in thinking
  • Problem-solving techniques
- 6 months free membership of the PA Mentoring Club

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2011 Course Dates, Prices & Location.

Tues 6th & Weds 7th December 2011, London

Price: £1050.00 + VAT per delegate.

Crowne Plaza – London Kensington

To find out more or make your booking, just call 020 7792 5214 or contact us

What’s Included.

The course fee includes the taught workshop, a course workbook, stationery, refreshments, buffet lunch, and 6 months free membership of the PA Mentors Club.

Who Should Attend?

  • Executive PAs
  • Executive Assistants
  • Personal Assistants
  • Senior secretaries
  • Senior Administrators
  • Office Managers

Why You Need To Move To The Next Level of PA Training

Many PAs are now neglecting their continuous professional development because senior managers take the view that PA training is a low priority, particularly in tough economic times.

The issue is that the modern Executive PA role is light years away from the secretarial role and should be treated as such. Today’s PAs are required to be managers – the boss’s right hand person in every sense of the word.

As a modern PA, having a good grasp of managerial-level skills and seeing yourself as a manager is the only way to remain relevant, effective and useful as an assistant. It is generally not possible to make this transition without attending Executive PA training.  However, Executive PA training comes in many shapes and sizes, and different courses are relevant for the particular developmental needs of individual PAs at a particular point in their professional development.

For example, the Pitman Training Executive PA Diploma provides an opportunity to develop solid PA skills to “super-secretary” level.

However, the Executive PA Masterclass will take your skills to another level, where it is assumed that you already possess the necessary skills and competencies to be a PA. The masterclass is a high-end course that will raise your game.

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What You Will Learn

This course will teach you how to formulate a persuasive argument and then present your ideas to management.

It will teach you how to conduct a win-win negotiation.

It will also teach you holistics event management skills that you won’t find in a text book.

You will learn how to develop your own personal brand, which is an essential aspect of making the transition from efficient PA to effective Executive PA.

Understanding what your boss really needs from you is key to making this transition but understanding internet tools and how to use social media for business will give you new-found confidence.

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Who Benefits From Your Training?

According to a survey of CEOs conducted in 2009 by the Association of Personal Assistants (APA) in conjunction with Monster, TotalJobs and Reed.co.uk., top executives attribute as much as 40% of their own productivity to their PA.

This is handy to know when you need to arm yourself with the facts in order to justify high-end Executive PA Training. The sad fact is that many PAs would like to make an impact in their job but feel discouraged because  of the underlying message that says “you’re not important”.

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Why You Need to Raise Your Game

As is evident in the results of the survey mentioned above, PAs are worth significantly more than their salaries would suggest. They have earned the right to take their place at the front of the queue and demand an appropriate share of the training budget. Why not explain to your boss that even though you are highly efficient there is still room for improvement to take you from highly efficient to highly effective.  The PAs that remain relevant in today’s job market are the PAs that add value.

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Why Choose The Executive PA Masterclass

The Executive PA Masterclass offers real value for money. It’s an insightful course that teaches the kind of skills that will make you raise your game. The workshop is very hands-on, so you will have an opportunity to put some of your newly acquired skills into practice. In addition to this, the course provides an invaluable opportunity for you to learn from other senior PAs and exchange practical tips, tricks and ideas. To provide maximum value for money, we offer this course with 6 months free membership of our PA Mentors Club. Take a look at the testimonials below and see what others have said about the Masterclass.

Enquire today and the Executive PA Masterclass will show you how to stay ahead of the pack.

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In-House Training.

This course can be taught in-house to groups of 6+ people.

In-house training provides an opportunity to address the specific challenges PAs face in a particular organisation. A group training approach can explore these problems and formulate an effective strategy that is right for your organisation.

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Executive PA Diploma By Pitman Training.

For the most comprehensive Executive PA course, find out more about the Pitman Training Executive PA Diploma programme.

Delegate Feedback.

“I am Business Intelligence – Assistant CEO, thriving reaching the position of Executive Assistant CEO. Marguerita’s skillful approach of the particular topics I lack in administration and organization grew me overnight thus being able to face my new challenge in the utmost professional manner. The
‘Executive PA Masterclass’ is a worth investment and Marguerita a true friend and such an extraordinary professional!’
Diana, Executive Assistant, Switzerland

“Thank you so much – this was a very interesting experience that brought a lot of knowledge. Please don’t change it.”
Anna, Executive Assistant, Capgemini, London

“…I was really impressed by your very professional approach with the multi-talented executive assistants from various countries in the training. I sincerely recognize your efforts and your brilliancy in the course to brought us the course in a smooth, simple and transparent way, which helped me to understand clearly on the advancement of the recent trend in my profession. I enjoyed the course completely with full of enthusiasm and I wish you to get good luck!”
S. Sabanathan, CFO Office Secretary, Zamil Industrial, Saudi Arabia

“I very much enjoyed the Masterclass. Small group gave the opportunity to flesh out ideas and scenarios. Took away lots of tips and ideas for the future.”
Lorraine, Executive Assistant to CEO, ENEC, Abu Dhabi

About Your Workshop Facilitator

Your course Facilitator is Marguerita King BSc (Hons) Psychology, DipPA. Marguerita is the Managing Director of Personal-Assistant-Tips.com, a resource website that provides free advice, resources and useful links for EAs, PAs, secretaries and office professionals. Marguerita currently writes and delivers training workshops for Executive PAs around the world. She is also a PA Consultant Mentor, recommended by the Association of Personal Assistants (APA) a leading PA professional body, and has written a number of best practice articles for their Members’ Knowledge Zone. As a former PA with over 25 years experience in public and private sector organisations, Marguerita understands the daily challenges and frustrations of the PA role and brings a wealth of knowledge to Executive PA training and mentoring. Marguerita’s practical experience led her to write the “Executive PA Masterclass”, which was first delivered in Dubai. Marguerita also runs a career advancement workshop and an event management workshop specifically for PAs.

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