Financial Management – Diploma Unit

Personal Development – Unit 4, Financial Awareness.

This unit is made up of 3 modules (see descriptions below) which can be taken as stand-alone subjects.

The whole unit is usually completed in 18-34 study hours.

You can start your studies whenever you wish and you can study at times to suit you as the modules are delivered online.

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What Is Covered.

Module 1 – Principles, Standards and Conventions of Accounting. (Approx 8 – 14 hrs)

Explore and understand key terms within accounting. Put your new-found understanding into practice with a variety of financial activities.


Background to Financial Management

• Accounting and Financial Management

• Principles of Accounting

• Ways of Measuring Financial Information

• Assets

• Liabilities

• Financial Statements – the Balance Sheet

Module 2 – Nature and Use of Financial Information. (Approx 5–10 hrs)

Develop your ability to ‘read’ and understand balance sheets; Profit and Loss accounts. Explore types of comparison and the relationship between the Profit and Loss account and the balance sheet.


• The Balance Sheet

• The Profit and Loss Account

• Types of Comparison

• Relationship Between Profit & Loss Account and Balance Sheet

Module 3 – Interpretation and Analysis of Financial Information. (Approx 5 – 10 hrs)

Learn why analysing financial information is important. Develop the managerial skills needed to measure financial performance, identify trends and interpret financial information. Explore profitability, Common Size Analysis and liquidity.


• Importance of Analysing Financial Information

• The Relevance of Profitability

• Common Size Analysis

• Measuring Financial Performance

• Liquidity

• Identifying Trends

• Interpretation and Analysis of Financial information

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