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Learn How To Use The Internet & Send Emails.


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Internet Skills – An Introduction

If you’re feeling left behind by the internet community, don’t worry! This introductory internet training course was designed just for you.

As long as you can use a mouse and know how to use Windows, you’ll get a lot out of this course.

In only 9 hours at Pitman Training London in High Holborn, Notting Hill, in Croydon or in Manchester, you’ll learn everything you need to know to find your way around the world wide web and how to communicate by email at work and with friends and family.

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What Is Covered.

  • Lesson One - Understanding Internet background and terminology, knowing some of the things the internet is used for, what you need to connect to the internet, different types of connection, the components of the Internet Explorer screen, keying in web addresses, using links on a web page, using Internet Explorer controls to navigate web pages.
  • Lesson Two - Recognising the structure of Internet Addresses (URLs), entering a URL and load the corresponding web page, editing a URL, understanding the use of search engines to find information, using the Internet Explorer search bar, using a web site’s internal search facility, finding an item on a web page, protecting against unreliable/inappropriate content.
  • Lesson Three - Using the Favourites feature, creating a folder in Favourites, using the History feature, saving a Web page, saving a Web Picture, printing a web page, understanding the benefits of shopping online, knowing how to shop securely on the Internet.
  • Lesson Four - Signing in to your Googlemail student account, composing an email, sending and receiving messages, formatting messages, creating a new folder, attaching a file to a message, saving an attached file, understanding email etiquette.