Managerial Training

Management Training To Fit Around Your Busy Lifestyle.

We’re really excited about our Management Professional Diploma
as we’ve designed it to work around the student’s availability, motivation and budget.

This is the management training qualification that will help you stand out from the crowd – it’s real proof of formal management training with the emphasis on practicality.

You can start this programme at any time and study at hours to suit you from home or work.

You can choose how much time to dedicate to your studies although giving as little as 6 hours per week could see you completing the programme with 1 year.

You can choose a number of study paths and you’ll enjoy the support of a dedicated mentor who will help you make the most of this learning opportunity.

In addition, your learning programme will be customised to reflect your real-life work situation.

This is such an important management training course that on completion, you will earn two years’ exemption on courses at our partner universities.

And enrolment automatically includes membership of the Institute Of Leadership & Management (ILM) and on graduation you automatically qualify for membership of the Chartered Management Institute.

There is so much to tell you about this powerful, comprehensive management course that you’ll benefit from an in-depth conversation with one of our professional Course Advisors.

To arrange a discussion, simply call us:

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Who Should Study Our Management Professional Diploma?

This programme is aimed the following communities:

  • Experienced staff who are being given management responsibilities
  • Team leaders
  • Employees who have exposure to management work situations
  • Managers who want a qualification but struggle to find the time to study
  • People who are motivated by career development through educational qualifications

How It Works & What Is Covered.

This is the management training programme that you can start at any time – even today if you wish!

It is delivered online so you can access the training at times to suit you no matter where you’re located, working at your own pace , allocating as much time as suits you.

You’ll enjoy learning how to manage increasingly complex work situations and you’ll have the support of your personal mentor to guide you.

Our Management Professional Diploma programme comprises 9 units:

  1. Personal Development
  2. Communication In The Workplace
  3. Leadership
  4. Financial Awareness
  5. Managing Change
  6. Managing Activities
  7. Marketing Management
  8. Winning Teams
  9. Decision Making & Taking

Your personal “reflective folder” enables you to customise your study plan to reflect your real-life situation and our online Learning Management System means you’ll constantly know where you are in the programme and how well you’re performing.

Programme Duration.

You can start this programme at any time as it is not dependent on educational term time and how quickly you complete it is up to you!

Typically, this programme will require 270 hours of study, so as an example, someone devoting 6 hours per week to their studies will complete the programme in one year.

The more hours you put in, the more quickly you’ll complete the programme.

Programme Fees.

This comprehensive diploma programme costs only £6298.95 and interest-free credit may be available to help you fund your studies.

Please note that the larger the deposit you can afford, the smaller the monthly payments.

Management Professional Diploma

Pitman Training worked really hard to develop this in-depth management training programme.

We needed to create something that would deliver true value to people seeking management qualifications while at the same time staying true to our commitment to providing flexible study.

That is to say, courses where students can start at any time and study at times to suit their own particular situations.

We also wanted the training to focus on practical management skills, with an element of tailorability so students could immediately apply the learning to their own work situations.

So after some years in development, I’m delighted to say we’ve achieved our goals and hope that they meet your aspirations too.

This is the management training programme that is designed for people who don’t have the time or the opportunity to attend a traditional college.

With our Management Professional programme, there’s no more waiting for term to start and you choose when to study.

It’s entirely based round your availability which means you decide how many hours you can commit to study and when you want to do so.

It’s an exciting new way to earn a nationally recognised qualification.

But there’s so much more to tell you about it than I can get onto this page.

So to help you learn more about it, why not call our Course Advisors?

020 7025 4700 – High Holborn Training Centre

020 7792 5214 – Notting Hill Training Centre

Or Contact us by email.

Just ask for me or one of my colleagues. We’ll be glad to help.