Managing Activities Incl Health & Safety

Personal Development – Unit 6, Managing Activities Including Health & Safety.

This unit is made up of 3 modules (see descriptions below) which can be taken as stand-alone subjects.

The whole unit is usually completed in 30-45 study hours.

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What Is Covered.

Module 1 – Goals & Objectives. (Approx 4– 8 hrs)

Develop the skills needed to identify and evaluate the inter-relationships between the different processes and functions of an organisation. Learn how to analyse the mission, aims and objectives of an organisation, and to analyse the effect of these on the structure and culture of the organisation. You will learn how to map processes to an organisation’s objectives and functions.


• Process and Functions

• Goals & Objectives

Module 2 – Operational plans. (Approx 14 – 18 hrs)

This module will help you understand different types of customers; product development; principles and methods of planning; planning formats; and what a portfolio approach to Business Planning is. You’ll also find out why plans fail; look at planning campaigns to ensure participation and also analyse strategic planning.


• Customer Orientation

• Prioritising

• Monitoring and Controlling Plans

Module 3 – Health and Safety. (Approx 14 – 18 hrs)

Many managers only realise the importance of Health and Safety once something has gone wrong. This module covers the importance of Health and Safety for the manager; Health and Safety training; Health and Safety regulations and legislation; policies and procedures. The module also answers the question, ‘Who is responsible for Health and Safety in the workplace?’ It also gives guidance on how to manage Health and Safety in the workplace; guidance on the principles of Risk Assessment and steps to help keep your workspace safe.


• Health and Safety Regulations and Legislation

• Creating a Safer Working Environment

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Managing Activities Including Health & Safety.

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