Manual Payroll Course - Manual PAYE Training
Payroll Principles.


Payroll course

Payroll Course – Payroll Principles

Payroll Principles – Our Manual Payroll Course.

This payroll training course will teach you the basics of the PAYE system PAYE system – invaluable if you need to understand how PAYE works or if you’re running your own business and need to hire staff!

Business IT with HR DiplomaIn this easy-to-follow payroll training course, you’ll learn manual tax procedures, how to use the Inland Revenue CD Rom including tables and forms and how to comply with Inland Revenue requirements

It’s a great, short course aimed a anyone who wants to get a job as a payroll assistant, payroll clerk or payroll officer and makes a great base for moving on to learn Sage Payroll.

This payroll course requires just 4 hours’ study time at our comfortable Pitman Training London (High Holborn or Notting Hill) or Croydon training centres and comprises 3 intensive lessons which will give you the confidence and skills to tackle income tax and NIC.

Having mastered this introductory course, which will allow you to operate a small payroll function at work, you’ll be able to graduate to Sage Payroll.

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What Is Covered In This Manual Payroll Course.

In 3 short payroll training lessons, you’ll cover the following aspects of employee taxation and benefits:

  • Lesson One: You’ll start by learning what a payroll is, the responsibilities of someone working in payroll, the requirements of Real Time Information, the differences between self-employment and employment and an overview of employment rights.
  • Lesson Two: The data held on a payroll, Data Protection, the role of the P45, student loan repayments and the purpose of the payslip.
  • Lesson Three: Statutory sick pay, maternity pay, paternity pay, adoption pay, what to do when an employee leaves and end of year procedures.

  • What To Do Next.

    Why not visit us to sample this course, free to make sure it’s right for you? To book yourself an appointment, just give us a call at the centre nearest to you (see below). Equally, if you’re ready to book, just call and we’ll take care of everything.

    London Holborn – 020 7025 4700

    London Notting Hill – 020 7792 5214

    Croydon – 020 8688 0378