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Manual Payroll Training Course

This payroll course will train you in the basics of a manual PAYE system – invaluable if you need to understand how PAYE works or if you’re running your own business and need to hire staff!

If you wish, this payroll course also prepares you to earn a recognised Level 2 qualification with the IAB. Read the diary of a newly qualified bookkeeper here.


You will need to be reasonably numerate and have a basic knowledge of Excel spreadsheets.

Our Manual Payroll course requires approximately 15 hours’ study time at our comfortable Pitman Training London (High Holborn or Notting Hill) or Manchester training centres and comprises 11 modules which will give you the confidence and skills to tackle income tax and NIC.

Having mastered this introductory payroll course, which will allow you to operate a small payroll function at work, you’ll be able to graduate to Sage Payroll. Need Sage Payroll? Click Here!

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What Is Covered In This Manual Payroll Training Course.

In this easy-to-follow payroll training course, you’ll learn manual tax procedures, how to use Inland Revenue tables, forms and CD system in order to comply with Inland Revenue requirements.

In 11 payroll training modules, you’ll cover the following aspects of employee taxation and benefits:

Module One:
Introduction to self-study requirements and the IAB qualification specification

Module Two:
Manual payroll, introduction to PAYE, the functions of payroll, record keeping, data protection and confidentiality, the need for Security

Module Three:
Methods of calculating pay, scenario used during the course, calculating gross pay to include basic pay, overtime and bonus payments

Module Four:
Role of HMRC, what is PAYE, tax allowances, tax codes, using the HMRC Employer’s CD Rom to look up tables, deduction workings sheets (P11), completing the income tax part of the P11

Module Five:
National Insurance contributions, completing the National Insurance part of the P11

Module Six:
Payment of wages, methods of payment, calculating the cost of wages

Module Seven:
Statutory Sick Pay, Statutory Maternity Pay, Statutory Paternity Pay, Statutory Adoption Pay, Recovery of Statutory Additions to Pay, Small Employer’s Relief

Module Eight:
Procedures to follow for starters and leavers, purpose of Form P45

Module Nine:
Pension contributions, other types of voluntary contributions including student loan repayments, processing voluntary contributions

Module Ten:
Setting up an employer on the HMRC CD-Rom, entering employee details, using the P11 calculator, entering Employee pay details, printing the P11s

Module Eleven:
Further use of the HMRC CD Rom, consolidation exercises to aid revision

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To enrol or find out more about this payroll course, call

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