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Medical Secretary Courses

About Our Medical Secretary Courses.

Pitman Training is one of Britain’s most respected providers of medical secretary courses. Indeed, our Medical Secretary Diploma is approved by AMSPAR.

Medical Secretary Diploma Sample

Our approach is to equip you with all the practical skills you’ll need to be a confident medical secretary right from day one, whether you’ve studied a full medical secretarial course leading to a diploma qualification or simply elected to enjoy our introduction to
medical secretarial terminology or medical audio transcription courses.

So when you study at Pitman Training London (High Holborn, Croydon or Notting Hill), you can be sure of a high value learning experience.

Our training is totally flexible, so you can study when it suits you – there’s no rigid timetable and no rushing to get to a class. It’s ideal if you’re already working and don’t have much time!

You’ll enjoy the company of a friendly tutor at all times when you attend our training centres as you work through a self-paced programme built completely around your needs.

While most students choose to study for our “Medical Secretarial Diploma,” some simply study “The Medical Secretary – An Introduction,” which takes the average student 50 hours to complete, or “Medical Audio Transcription,” which takes an average of 10 hours if you’re an experienced audio typist.

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How Our Courses Work.

Imagine being able to come to a training centre at hours that suit you!

And not having to come on the same day or at the same time every visit.

At Pitman Training in Notting Hill, Croydon, and High Holborn, you study when you want at any time during our long opening hours.

We’re open Monday to Thursday from 09:00-20:00, Fridays from 09:00-16:30 and Saturdays from 10:00-16:00, so it’s easy to fit your studies around your other commitments, even if you work irregular shifts!

Our courses use pre-recorded lessons where you work with audio and a high quality workbook, carrying out increasingly challenging tasks and testing your skill with lots of exercises.

And whenever you’re stuck, confused or need a little motivation, our friendly training team is right there with you to help you along.

Think of it as a blend of computer based training with a dash of one-to-one tuition when you want it.

Most of our students like this training method for three clear reasons:

1. The flexibility of not needing a timetable.
2. The fact that it’s impossible to miss a class so you can never fall  behind.
3. You’re never held up by slower students and you’re never the slower student yourself!

Potential students are very welcome to come and sample our programmes, free, to see if they like our training methodology.

Why Choose To Study At Pitman Training?

With our long, long opening hours, our totally flexible training methodology and our experienced, friendly tutors, there’s a lot to be said for training with us.

And when you see the quality of our training materials plus the excellence of our pre-recorded audio, you’ll be delighted!

In essence, it’s the practicality of what we teach that sets us apart from other training providers.

Working at your own pace and tackling increasingly complex exercises, you’ll have plenty of time to build your skill through trial and error, relying on us to put you back on track when you’ve looked at a question from every angle and need help.

It’s such a supportive and intelligent way for adults to learn and build skills.

And of course you’re always welcome to come and sample our programmes, free to see if you like our training methodology.

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