The Medical Secretary – An Introduction

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Medical Secretary – An Introduction

Great for NHS jobs and private practice!

Recognised as one of the most thorough medical secretarial courses available, this Pitman Training programme will give you a solid start to your career as a Medical Secretary.

It’s designed to give an Introduction to the work of a Medical Secretary, including the responsibilities, practice and structure of the various medical departments in hospitals and GP surgeries.

Whether you’re an experienced secretary or want to work as a Medical Secretary, this course is designed to give you invaluable knowledge that you can take with you into your career in the medical field.

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What’s covered?

Throughout the course, you’ll develop knowledge of the workings and structure of the medical secretarial profession, in 12 detailed lessons.

Medical Secretary Diploma SampleLesson 1: Introduction to GP Practice.

Lesson 2: Introduction to a General Hospital together with Orthopaedic medical terminology.

Lesson 3: Introduction to private oral and maxillo-facial.

Lesson 4: Respiration; cardiology and drug dosages.

Lesson 5: Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Paediatrics.

Lesson 6: Male reproduction systems, the urinary system and gastro-enterology.

Lesson 7: Psychiatry, Psychology and Endocrinology.

Lesson 8: Neurology.

Lesson 9: Dermatology and Gerontology.

Lesson 10: Sensory organs – Ophthalmology; Ear; Nose; and Throat.

Lesson 11: Plastic surgery; burns and Oncology.

Lesson 12: Consolidation.

The course requires approximately 40 hours of study time at our comfortable London (Notting Hill & Holborn) or Manchester training centres, or from home via distance learning.

Why choose a Pitman Training Medical Secretarial programme?

Simply because we’re the best known name in secretarial training!

Plus, our medical secretarial programmes are recognised by AMSPAR, the professional body for medical secretaries.

With Pitman Training, you can be assured of a high quality, practical learning experience.

You can study with total flexibility, at your own pace, with our training team on hand if you need any help.

We know for a fact that when you’re job hunting in the medical field, mentioning Pitman Training and AMSPAR will hold you in good stead, as employers recognise these names.

If you’re really serious about becoming a Medical Secretary, you can take this course as part of our Medical Secretarial Diploma or our Medical Receptionist Diploma programmes. These are bigger courses, leading to a coveted Pitman Training Diploma.

How We Train

You can study this course in two ways.

The first allows you to study at one of our comfortable training centres in Manchester and London (Notting Hill and Holborn).

Here, you’ll work through the Medical Secretarial course at your own pace, and will benefit from the supportive presence of our trainers who are there to give guidance when you have questions or get stuck.

We’re proud to be able to offer fantastic opening hours, opening weekdays, evenings and Saturdays, to ensure you don’t need to change your routine to fit in your studying. Our students love that our courses have no start dates or class timetables.

If you can’t get to one of our centres, you can study this Medical Secretary course from home, via an online portal, and our trainers will only be an email or phone call away.

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