Microsoft Office 2010......Fast! Part 1,
Word, Excel and PowerPoint!



Microsoft Office 2010 Fast! – Part 1

MS Office 2010 is very different from the look and feel of previous versions and this quick new Microsoft training course is aimed at helping you find your way around it as quickly as possible.

The course concentrates on the main three packages in MS Office – Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Outlook, Access and Publisher are taught in Office 2010 Fast Part 2.

Most new PC’s and laptops are now being shipped with advanced versions of Windows. Therefore users are expected to load the exciting new MS Office 2010 on them.

But the new versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint have different file structures from previous versions, lots more functionality and many of the tried and tested features we know and love have been moved to different places in the toolbars.

In fact, if you’re familiar with MS Office 2000 or 2003 and think you can easily find the functions you use most often when you first open 2010, we bet that in many cases you won’t!
It’s like learning a new language (but more fun and a lot less work!)

That’s why we’ve developed this short introductory course.

In as little as 6 hours at our High Holborn, Notting Hill, Croydon and Manchester training centres, you’ll learn your way around the new products as well as finding out how to get the best out of all their new features.

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Microsoft Office 2010…….Fast! – What We Cover.

Although you may recognise the names of many of the functions listed below, MS Office 2007 looks and feels brand new.

First of all, everything looks different.

Next, many of your favourite features are in totally different places.

And then there’s the fact that 2010 does so much more than earlier versions. You’ve got to try it to understand the differences.


  • Microsoft Office 2010 interface
  • Word 2010 opening screen
  • Office button
  • Word options
  • Working with an existing document
  • Customising the quick access toolbar
  • Formatting text
  • Inserting a cover page
  • Inserting SmartArt
  • Changing margins
  • Inserting a caption
  • Changing views
  • Print preview
  • Saving and compatibility mode
  • Creating a new document
  • Building blocks


  • Office menu
  • Opening an existing workbook,
  • Formatting text
  • Entering formulas
  • Customising the status bar
  • Formatting numerical data
  • Conditional formatting
  • Styles, charts, themes
  • Adding a custom list
  • Using the formula bar functions
  • Protecting the worksheet
  • Different views


  • Opening an existing presentation
  • Slide layouts
  • Using the font group on the home tab
  • Adding bullets
  • Inserting a table
  • Different views
  • Inserting a picture
  • Design views
  • Animating an object
  • Previewing the presentation
  • Using spellcheck
  • Slide master view
  • Inserting a custom layout
  • Inserting a SmartArt graphic

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