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Excel Course – Advanced

Our advanced Excel course is aimed at those who want to take their knowledge of Excel to an advanced level such as using pivot tables, creating macros, tracking changes or performing VLOOKUP’s.

In just 25-30 hours study at our training centres in London, Croydon or online, this advanced Excel course will enable you to develop and retain expert skills to help you add real value to your career. And you choose whether to study the 2010 or 2013 versions!

Course fee: Just £452.17 per person for up to 3 months’ study access!

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Advanced Excel Course Content

Excel CourseYou’ll work through the following lessons:

Lesson One: Using AutoFill, carrying out date calculations, adding a picture as a watermark, creating and working with tables, converting text to columns, removing duplicates, using Flash Fill, consolidating data, using paste special, creating a custom format

Lesson Two: Defining, using and managing named ranges, using named ranges in formulas, inserting, modifying and removing hyperlinks, formatting elements of a column and pie charts, saving a chart as a template, creating combination chart, using functions,: ROUND; SUMIF; IF; IFERROR; AND, using the IF function nested with OR

Lesson Three: Using conditional formatting, editing a conditional formatting rule, using the Rules Manager, formatting cells meeting a specific condition, applying more than one conditional formatting rule, sorting data using cell attributes, filtering data using cell attributes, using advanced filter options

Lesson Four: Recording and running macros, editing a macro, running a macro from the Quick Access Toolbar, deleting macros, using data validation, tracing precedent/dependent cells in a worksheet, evaluating formulas, tracing errors

Lesson Five: Summarising data using subtotals, using database functions, grouping and ungrouping data, creating a pivot table, refreshing pivot table data, filtering information in a pivot table, formatting pivot table data, creating and using a slicer, formatting a slicer, creating and using a timeline, using recommended pivot tables

Lesson Six: Using the VLOOKUP function, inserting an embedded object into a spreadsheet, inserting a linked object into a spreadsheet, using paste special to create a link between programs, linking Excel workbooks, using the scenario manager, setting up data tables

Lesson Seven: Protecting worksheet cells, applying and removing passwords, setting file properties, sharing workbooks, merging workbooks, tracking changes, accepting or rejecting changes, using the Document Inspector, marking a workbook as final

Lesson Eight: Using statistical functions: COUNTA, COUNTBLANK, COUNTIF, using text functions: PROPER, UPPER, LOWER, TRIM, LEFT, MID, RIGHT, CONCATENATE, using financial functions: PV, NPV, RATE, using nested functions

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How Pitman Training’s Advanced Excel Course Works

You can study the Microsoft Excel 2013 course at your own pace, and receive support from our training team as and when you need it.

This is an audio based course, and you’ll also receive a workbook which is yours to keep at the end of the course for future reference.

You can drop into the centre to study at times to suit you, and if travelling to one of our centres isn’t convenient for you, you can even study from home.

At the end of the course, you’ll take an exam leading towards your nationally recognised Pitman Training certificate.

Who Should Study Our Advanced Excel Course?

This advanced Excel course is aimed at people who are already performing complex calculations in Excel, and who need to gain extra value from the application, or those who have already taken our Excel Beginners to Intermediate course.

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You can study Pitman Training’s Advanced Excel course online or in the following locations:

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Please note – we are able to offer both Microsoft Office 2010 and Microsoft Office 2013 courses.

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