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Microsoft Office Courses

Microsoft Office Courses At Pitman London & Croydon.

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In the world of work, the saying goes, “No Microsoft, No Job!”

Make sure you’re ahead of the game, with cutting edge Microsoft skills to ensure you get the job, no matter how stiff the competition.

We have a wide range of in-depth MS Office training options aimed at helping you into work:

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Learn Word, Excel, PowerPoint, In London Or Croydon!

Welcome to Pitman Training in London & Croydon – a highly respected Microsoft IT Academy!

Our MS Office training courses are different. We don’t just lecture! We take you through lots of increasingly complex exercises to ensure you really internalise the training messages.

That results in students absorbing and retaining more practical knowledge and ability than you’d dream possible.

And, on passing your exams, you’ll get 2 qualifications to prove how good you are!

Not only will you earn a nationally recognised Pitman Training qualification, you’ll also earn a Microsoft certificate at no extra cost!

On this page you’ll find links to full descriptions of all our Microsoft courses and having found those that interest you, why not visit us for a free sample of them?

There’s Really Only Three Places To Take Microsoft Courses.

There are lots of training providers keen to deliver MS Office training, but nothing like Pitman Training in London’s Notting Hill, Holborn or Croydon – 3 training centres with absolute quality as their driver.

There are so many things that set us apart! First of all, our courses go further and deeper than most. Take our PowerPoint course for example. The average student requires 30 hours to complete this one! there’s no waste or padding either. Just 30 hours of good stuff.

It’s the same with Word, Excel, Outlook and Access too. All of them are really high value courses.

So you can easily work out who will get the job if you’re competing for a position.

And don’t forget that because we are the oldest name in office skills training, employers look to us to provide the most highly developed candidates for their recruitment needs.

If you’re serious about developing your career, it can only be Pitman Training.

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How Our Office Courses Work.

All our Microsoft Office courses are computer based, with friendly, real live trainers standing by ready to help you when you get stuck, confused or demotivated.

You’ll learn with a high quality workbook, synched with a professional audio track and a PC, working through increasingly challenges practical exercises to develop your Microsoft skills to a level of which most people are even aware exists.

And you can study at hours to suit you during our long opening hours which include daytimes, evenings and Saturdays. The flexibility is unrivalled!

At the end of your studies, you’ll take an exam which leads to the award of both a Pitman Training certificate and a Microsoft IT Academy certificate.
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