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Secretary & Shorthand Courses

If you work in an office environment or want to advance your career, having the proper training is vital. You need to stand out from the crowd to show your potential employer why you’re the one for the job, and even if you’re an experienced secretary you need to keep up with new skills. That’s why proper secretarial training is vital, and if you opt for the right courses you’ll easily stay ahead of the game to show employers what you’re made of.

Secretarial training that meets your needs

There are plenty of secretarial courses that you could go for, and the ones that you pick will depend on your career goals and specific skill requirements. You might want shorthand training courses to help with dictation, or perhaps you want to specialise in a particular area of law making legal secretary courses vital. There are many more besides whether you want to brush up your computer skills or learn something from scratch, but you’re always going to need the secretarial courses that can accommodate your specific requirements. That’s where we come in.

Quality secretarial courses from Pitman Training London (Notting Hill and Holborn) and Croydon.

We offer an extensive list of secretarial courses to totally meet your needs, whether you’re looking for shorthand training courses to learn new skills, legal secretary courses to advance your career or even lessons to help you master the latest software packages. Our courses can give you the skills you need to progress, so that you can be confident of achieving the results that you want.

Our secretarial training courses cover everything from audio transcription and Access tuition to shorthand training courses and lessons on effective business communication, and we can even offer specific legal secretary courses to meet the specialised requirements of different areas of law. You might want a diploma or simply a certificate to say that you’ve passed your short training course – whatever you need and whatever you want to achieve as a result of secretarial training, we’ll be able to accommodate.