Our Computer Course For Beginners - PC Basics.

Computer Training Course In London And Manchester.


PC Basics Course

If you’ve never used a PC before, this is the introduction to computers you’ve been looking for!

We’ll start you off on a self-paced computer course with a workbook and an audio track so you can learn at your own pace, without worrying about whether you’re too fast or too slow for other people.

And when you get stuck, as everybody does from time to time, our friendly, supportive tutors will quickly have you back on track.

This course takes approximately 8 hours at Pitman Training London in High Holborn or Notting Hill, and in Manchester, after which you’ll know everything you need to know to start off down the information highway!

To enrol or find out more, call:

020 7025 4700 for High Holborn

020 7792 5214 for Notting Hill

0161 923 6814 for Manchester

Or contact us by email.

What Is Covered.

In 4 easy to follow lessons, you’ll cover the following:

  • Lesson One - Types of computer hardware, components of the system unit, using the mouse to open and close menus, using the mouse to open and play a game stored on the computer, different types of printers, shutting down the computer.
  • Lesson Two - Loading the Microsoft Word software program, opening an existing Word document, editing and printing a Word document, loading the Microsoft Excel program, editing data in Excel, understanding the structure of a database and sorting information, what the different software applications are used for.
  • Lesson Three - Understanding the principles of storing documents in files and folders, opening a document stored in a sub folder, using My Computer to organise files, creating a new folder, moving a file, copying a file, renaming a file, deleting a file, creating a new document in Word, saving a new document, the importance of backing up.
  • Lesson Four - Using Internet Explorer to connect to the Internet, using a web address to locate a web site, understanding the importance of security on the Internet, using Outlook Express to compose messages, different types of connectors, how a digital camera can be used with a PC.

Why not talk to one of our course advisors about any questions or fears you may have?

Just call us:

020 7025 4700 for High Holborn

020 7792 5214 for Notting Hill

0161 923 6814 for Manchester

Or have someone Contact us by email for more information.