Personal Development

Personal Development – Unit 1.

This unit is made up of 3 modules (see descriptions below) which can be taken as stand-alone subjects.

The whole unit is usually completed in 65-95 study hours.

You can start your studies whenever you wish and you can study at times to suit you as the modules are delivered online.

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What Is Covered.

Module 1 – Time Management (Approx 15 – 20 hrs)

Explore the skills and techniques needed for effective time management. You will learn how to evaluate and put into practice the main techniques required for effective time management to achieve organisational and personal objectives.


• Time Management and You
• Making Time
• Time Stealers

Module 2 – Personal and Professional Skills (Approx 35 – 55 hrs)

Examine the professional and personal skills needed to manage effectively. You will analyse and be enabled to put into practice a range of personal and professional skills required for effective management.


• The Effective Manager
• Recognising and Dealing with Stress or Burnout
• Communication Skills
• Speaking and Hearing
• Active Listening
• Active Body Language
• Questioning
• Planning to communicate
• Getting the message across
• What is assertiveness?
• What is conflict management?
• What is Negotiating?
• Coaching and Mentoring

Module 3 – Personal Skills Audit and Personal Development Plan Approx 15 – 20 hrs

Learn how to (and actually carry out) a personal skills audit and produce a personal development plan. Develop relevant skills and so be able to perform a personal skills audit which is relevant to life and career goals, illustrating the skills required to manage effectively.


• How Individuals Differ (including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)
• Learning Styles
• Life and Career Planning
• Setting Standards and Objectives

Pricing Information.

Individual modules are available at £313.95 each, however it is much better value to study the whole unit at only £910.45.

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Personal Development Unit.

This unit can be taken alone and within the Unit, it is also possible to just study individual modules.

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