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When you need to build a high quality presentation to set you apart from the crowd, our PowerPoint course will have you up and running fast!

Our 4 in-depth lessons are highly practical, taking you step-by-step through this popular Microsoft package.

And when you’ve completed your PowerPoint course, you’ll earn not just one but two certificates to prove your ability!

First, you’ll earn your Pitman Training certificate, and, as an added bonus, you’ll also get a Microsoft IT Academy at no
extra charge!

We offer PowerPoint training at our High Holborn, Notting Hill and Croydon learning centres which are open long hours to make studying really convenient.

You’ll study at your own pace with the help and support of our on-site tutors, emerging with a high level of skill in PowerPoint.

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PowerPoint Course – What We Cover.

Lesson 1

  • Finding your way around backstage view, opening, closing and saving a presentation, running the presentation as a slide show, accessing different PowerPoint views and using zoom controls.
  • Navigating between slides, creating a presentation, adding a new slide to a presentation, entering and editing text, working with bulleted text, the Notes pane, printing the slides.

Lesson 2

  • Understanding the principles of presentation planning and design, using AutoFit options, deleting a slide, selecting and formatting slide text, using the Undo button, resizing and moving a placeholder.
  • Identifying, applying and resetting slide layouts, selecting a built-in background style and applying a fill colour, saving a presentation with a new filename.

Lesson 3

  • Applying a theme and selecting colour and font schemes, saving a custom theme, selecting slides, moving, copying and deleting slides, editing slide text, selecting multiple slides, re-using slides from another presentation, the find and replace feature, the spelling check facility, using autocorrect.
  • Moving and copying content in a slide and from one slide to another, copying slides from one presentation to another, using sections to organise and manage your presentation, deleting a custom theme.

Lesson 4

  • Selecting and rearranging slides in the outline tab, expanding and collapsing the slide outline, promoting and demoting outline text, inserting slides from a Word outline, adding a new title slide and section, background styles, creating, editing and formatting notes, adding headers and footers to notes and handouts.
  • Using the notes master, printing notes, generating handouts, using the handout master, printing the slide outline, selecting page setup options for slides.

Lesson 5

  • Slide Master View, adding a graphic to the slide master view, formatting the Slide Master, formatting the layout masters, including the title slide layout master, displaying footer text, date, and slide numbers.
  • Creating a custom layout in slide master view, applying a theme to selected slides, using multiple slide masters, hiding and unhiding slides, using the slide show toolbar, creating and running a custom slide show, saving a presentation as a template, creating a new presentation from a template.

Lesson 6

  • Drawing, resizing, moving, copying and rotating shapes, inserting text into a shape, specifying size and position of a shape, and cropping an object, selecting multiple objects, grouping, ungrouping and aligning objects, applying Quick Styles, changing shape fill, shape outline and shape effects.
  • Using picture and texture fills and custom colours, changing the theme of a presentation, inserting and formatting Clip Art images, creating, formatting and enhancing WordArt, working with pictures and callouts.

Lesson 7

  • Inserting a chart and entering data, choosing the chart type, layout and style, adding, formatting and removing chart elements, repositioning and resizing the chart, switching rows and columns, changing gridline and axis settings, creating a combination chart.
  • Inserting a table, adjusting table dimensions, inserting and deleting table rows and columns, merging table cells, applying a table background, creating and formatting a table, creating tabbed columns, removing indent settings

Lesson 8

  • Creating flowchart shapes, selecting, sizing and positioning flowchart shapes, connecting flowchart shapes/changing the connector type, adding, deleting and changing flowchart shapes.
  • Creating a SmartArt graphic, adding text and shapes to SmartArt diagrams, converting text to a SmartArt diagram, changing the type and layout of a SmartArt diagram, inserting and formatting a text box, moving and sizing a text box, changing text box margins, applying columns to a text box, changing text direction in a text box.

Lesson 9

  • Inserting comments, viewing and editing comments, deleting and hiding comments; showing and hiding markup, using the document inspector, viewing and adding document properties, marking a presentation as final, setting and removing a password, compressing pictures.
  • Saving a presentation in different formats, using compatibility checker, packaging a presentation for CD, saving slide(s) as an image, creating linked handouts, adding a digital signature.

Lesson 10

  • Adding, modifying and removing transition effects, using reading view, applying transition effects to selected slides, adding and removing transition sounds, applying animation effects, timing animations, animating a chart.
  • Animating SmartArt, animating text boxes, using the Animation pane, changing the order of animations, animating text by paragraph, removing animation effects, motion paths, animation painter, adding sound to animation effects.

Lesson 11

  • Enhancing pictures using artistic effects, cropping pictures using the crop tool, using gridlines to position an image, adding a picture to the background, changing the order of objects on the slide, adding a picture to the slide master, inserting and linking a video from a file, formatting an inserted video.
  • Inserting and using bookmarks in video clips, shortening, cropping and resizing a video clip, applying a title frame to a video clip, animating the video, linking a video file, inserting a clipart video, inserting audio from clipart and a file.

Lesson 12

  • Inserting hyperlinks between slides, using pictures as hyperlinks, inserting hyperlinks to another file, editing hyperlinks, removing a digital signature, inserting hyperlinks to an external website (URL), copying data from other programs, embedding files from other programs.
  • Linking objects, updating links in a presentation, breaking a link, understanding the difference between embedded objects and linked objects, hyperlinks, copy and paste, embedding and linking, creating and formatting Action Buttons.

Lesson 13

  • Setting and changing times for selected slides, rehearsing slide timings and working with the rehearsal toolbar, selecting show types, turning off animation, creating a photo album, editing a photo album, inserting a soundtrack from a file, setting up a soundtrack to play across slides, compressing media files.

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