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Available In-Company For Groups Of 6 Or More.

Secretarial Training

Practical PA Seminar

Written and delivered by top PA Adam Fidler, this one-day seminar introduces practical strategies and systems of working to help secretaries and PAs stay focussed and work more effectively especially when under pressure and dealing with high workloads.

By using a number of proven systems and working in a methodical way, PA’s can ensure they are fully aware of current and outstanding priorities, and are able to differentiate between items that need actioning now, and items which are ongoing or pending.

The seminar also looks at how a systematic approach to the way the PA works will foster improved communication and a stronger relationship with their boss or the team they support.

What We Cover.

In this practical, high energy one-day course, you’ll learn:

  • How to become a communication channel and facilitator for execution and delivery
  • A better way with diaries
  • The Day Pack – travel planning and itineraries
  • Using The Five Folder System to remain organised and on top of priorities, even when swamped with paperwork and working under pressure
  • Extending The Five Folder System and using it electronically The In-Tray/Out-Tray
  • Communication with the boss and the inefficiency of emails
  • Scheduling your own time
  • Building on routines to improve the Boss/PA relationship
  • Working under pressure – staying focussed and organised
  • Sharing strategies with the boss for enhanced ways of working

While this is not a Pitman Training programme, participants will earn a Certificate of Attendance from Adam Fidler.

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We’re best known for our one-year diploma level Executive PA course which covers 16 subjects and is really seen as the benchmark for excellence.

In addition, we run a monthly Pitman Training one-day PA training course in London and Manchester for those who don’t have the time to go for a diploma and this is particularly popular with corporate students.

For students seeking the highest level of practical skills we offer a two year Executive Assistant diploma programme covering some 26 subjects!

And maybe most relevant to this web page is Adam Fidler’s two-day course, “From Good To Outstanding.”