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Executive PA Courses

Pitman Training in London and Manchester offers a number of internationally respected courses for Personal Assistants and Executive Assistants.

Check out our full course and diploma list to see the other options available to you.

EA And PA Courses In London And Manchester.

If you want to find out how to become a PA or Executive Assistant, or if you’re already working in a PA role and want to reach the top and become the best you can be, you’ve come to the right place!

Award winning Pitman Training in London and Manchester offers nationally recognised PA courses for aspiring PAs and EAs, plus cutting edge seminars for experienced PAs led by the popular and highly experienced Adam Fidler.
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What’s The Difference Between A Secretary And A PA/EA?

Whilst there is no official definition, we’ve come up with a reasonable explanation:

  • A Secretary may work for more than one boss and will not usually be expected to make decisions on behalf of the organisation.
  • A PA usually works for one or two bosses and will have much more responsibility for organising and making decisions than a secretary, as well as fulfilling a secretarial role.
  • An Executive Assistant will usually work for just one boss and will have input into the organisation’s management decisions, often through being tasked with researching matters and preparing reports. They may also retain some secretarial responsibilities.

How Do I Become A Personal Assistant Or Executive Assistant?

If you’re coming into the PA career as a newcomer, we recommend taking the Pitman Training diploma level Executive PA course.

Depending on whether you study full or part time (or somewhere in between), this qualification will take you 3-12 months to complete, and is nationally recognised as proof of your practical ability to really deliver in the PA role.

The Pitman Training one day Executive PA seminar is part of the diploma, and this may be taken on its own if you already have some experience, particularly as a secretary.

If you’re really ambitious, you might want to try the Professional Executive PA Diploma. This PA course will give you all the secretarial, accounting and junior management skills you’ll need to become an Executive Assistant.

And if you’re already working as a senior secretary, a PA or an EA, you’ll love our two day Executive PA seminar “From Good To Outstanding”, which will take you to a whole new level!

Locations For Executive PA Courses.

You can study Pitman Training Executive PA courses in the following locations:

Some of our PA courses can be studied at home – get in touch to find out more.

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