2-Day Executive Assistant & PA Course:
"From Good To Outstanding!"

Legal Secretarial Course To Diploma Level

Executive PA Course – 2 Days

“Adam is a fantastic trainer – very engaging.”

No more than 12 ambitious PAs will attend this unique event in Central London.

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This two-day EA / PA course is a masterclass aimed at personal assistants and senior secretaries who want to be the best in their field.

Written and presented by Adam Fidler, a hugely experienced Management Assistant to Board Level directors, the course will take participants to the top of the tree in terms of delivering the highest level of assistance to senior bosses.

A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to every delegate as proof of their professional training.

Course fee just £927.00 per person (Plus VAT for corporate bookings).

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EA / PA Course Objectives

By the end of this personal assistant course, you will:

  • Understand the role of the Personal Assistant, the skills required and the expectations senior managers have of their Personal Assistants
  • Know how values, personal motivation and positive thinking can enhance your effectiveness at work
  • Appreciate that the more senior you become, the more important your behaviours become
  • Know how to work autonomously, set daily routines and make decisions
  • Be ready to take the lead on meeting administration – learn smarter ways to create agendas, meeting papers and minutes
  • Work more effectively with senior managers, and become more resilient when working under pressure
  • Know how to deal with your emotions at work
  • Learn new systems to keep you organised and focused on the task in hand
  • Be prepared to take control of your job, and climb the career ladder with confidence

Course Reviews By Students

“May I just say, I really enjoyed the 2 days course, not only in regards to the content and the vital info we could take on board but also because of the way it was presented. It was informative, relevant, engaging and fun. Once again, Thank you Adam. If only all courses would be run in such a way.”
Mr Jens Siratzki, December 2015

“Not wanting to overstate this but those three months since I attend your course have totally revolutionised my career and my standing in the organisation. I have been more confident, I spoke up, I’m much more proactive and put myself forward to do an enormous piece of work alongside managing my outgoing Director’s time. It was brilliant. Then later, after some organisational changes, the Director of HR approached me to offer me a role which had been created for me and poached me for the her department – hence my new role will be a Training and Development Coordinator…! Thank you for inspiring me and helping me to professionally evolve to take the next step in my career.”
Angie Fullman, June 2015

“Just to say thank you so much for the Seminar last week and the presentation you forwarded on. I found the Seminar hugely useful and have picked up some tips, which I am now putting into play – my bosses think the ‘Diary Detox’ and Briefcase Blitz’ is great!”
Sharon Herniman, December 2015

“Very inspirational, motivational and empowering”
Jenni Dunne, East Midlands AHSN – June 2015

“The course gave me so much food for thought. I am confident that I will take new skills and systems back to work that will really help me professionally, my company and my department.”
Angie Fullman, National Theatre – June 2015

“I found this seminar really beneficial and got the brain juices flowing. Looking forward to going back to work to implement some ideas.”
Lee-Anne Taylor, Merchant Cantos – April 2015

“Adam is a brilliant teacher and I have learn a lot from him in just 2 days. I would definitely recommend to my friends”
Charlotte Lee, White & Company Ltd – April 2015

“Adam was exceptional! He delivered such a mind blowing, jaw dropping, empowering course. I would definitely recommend him to everyone I know”
Oge Egbounu, Rain Dog Films – February 2015

“I thoroughly enjoyed the way Adam teaches. This is probably one of the best courses I have been on in terms of learning some fantastic hints and tips”
Louisa Senaini, The Institute of Cancer Research – February 2015

“The course is very well structured and flows coherently, the content is relatable both practically and pschologically and provided some real pearls of wisdom which will be applied throughout my career”
Maria Gugliotta, Global Witness – February 2015

“I have been able to take away so many helpful ways of working better with my boss and feel part of the management team”
Geraldine Thacker, Copyright Licensing Agency- February 2015

“Great range of practical, theoretical and philosophical advice. Adam is very engaging”
Ian Wall, NICE – February 2015

“I really liked that the course delivered by Adam who has experienced it rather than just teaching textbook.”
Carla Ditzeel, Brookfield Rose – February 2015

“Adam is an excellent trainer – the course is relevant for senior PAs”
Laura Savill – December 2014

“The course was outstanding! Adam is a star and I am grateful he is gracious enough to share his knowledge”
Jacqueline Joseph – December 2014

“To have the opportunity to meet other fantastic PAs and learning their methods of working was an incredible learning development for me. I started to implement what I learnt from the training straight away from Wednesday 15th February. I left the house with a completely different attitude and since then I am a different person – more efficient , positive and happy. This course changed my overall view about living, which not only affected my performance at work, but also my personal life. I have already recommended this course to different companies.”
Reyhaneh Musalaei

“Two days is too short!”
Ledianne Toledo

“I liked the way the course was delivered and the subjects covered, alongside Adam’s professionalism and knowledge – very relevant.”
Sally Walton

“Adam is a fabulous trainer and has inspired me with additional knowledge to help me further my career. I have learnt some excellent tips and tricks that I will definitely use.”
Wendy Streeter

“I would say I am inspired to do my job better after the course. Adam was very thorough and generous with his advice and I enjoyed the course very much and feel fully energised.”
Harpal Sehmi

“Adam makes you feel very relaxed. Everything about the course was so helpful and you can take it away with you to use in your role. It was brilliant – Adam is such a fountain of knowledge.”
Alison Britton

“Adam was completely professional, confident and positive – a great combination of traits in a tutor who covered everything I wanted to know and everything that I didn’t realise I needed! I felt totally inspired; I had become stuck emotionally in my role and this course has completely reignited my passion and motivation. The course provided such a refreshing and honest approach to the PA world. Adam’s an incredibly talented individual!”
Lucy Gwilliams

“I loved Adam’s enthusiasm and passion. He is an inspiring trainer. He opened our eyes to new possibilities and ways of thinking. He was convincing and knowledgeable on the topics, but open to all of us and our own ideas. I learnt to approach everything with an open and optimistic mind, and to be thankful for what I have but not to hesitate to aspire for more. It is a great all round course – concise but informative, inspiring and eye-opening.”
Eleanor Sharpe

“I learnt a lot from Adam Fidler, absolute expert in his field. He provided very useful, logical and effective tips and hints which I will take back to my current role, as well as applying to other roles in the future.”
Tanya Wright

“Adam shared a wealth of experience and guidance, as a successful PA himself, to make this two day course thoroughly beneficial. I will go away with increased confidence and many ideas to improve my performance at work and the enthusiasm to further my career.”
Joanne Shaw, June 2014

“The openness and honesty about individual experience and situations from Adam is reassuring and helps with confidence in your own role. It is always more valuable when the trainer has been there, done it and worn the t-shirt as they share their mistakes, and best practice and you can really relate.”
Isabel Rose, June 2014

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The two day PA seminar led by Adam Fidler is aimed at experienced PAs and EAs, but don’t worry if you’re not at that level yet, we offer plenty of PA courses in London which aim to help you reach the top of your profession.

For short courses for Executive PA students in London and Croydon please see our seminar page, and don’t forget to look at our corporate page for information about group discounts.

For less experienced and aspiring PAs, we strongly recommend the One Day Executive PA course, which takes place in London Holborn.

Our most popular PA course is the Executive PA diploma – it’s extremely comprehensive and takes as little as 16 weeks to complete, but you can take up to a year.

It’s self-paced, meaning you can work your way through the course as you please, supported all the way by our friendly, expert trainers.

Plus, at the end of this PA course, you’ll gain a nationally recognised qualification from Pitman Training, leaders in office skills training.

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