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Go Make A Difference!


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Self Development Course

This is an important short course aimed at those who are “stuck” or struggling to get their careers or lives going.

At some point during everyone’s life, many of us get lost, dazed and confused and can’t seem to find the way forward to develop enriching relationships or meaningful careers.

Or we’re already highly successful and need help to take it to the next level.

In either case, Go….. Make A Difference is the self-development course that can help you make the breakthrough you deserve increasing your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Unlike other courses, Go…..Make A Difference doesn’t require you to buy into some strange philosophy or walk on hot coals. On the contrary, it’s about creating, developing and achieving realistic goals to help you make the best of yourself.

This is a self-paced course, available at either our High Holborn, Notting Hill or Croydon training centres and requiring an average of 6-8 hours of study.

You’ll enjoy developing your personal strengths, quietly and privately, calling on the support of our friendly tutors as needed. There’s no embarrassing holding hands with people or shouting out affirmations. It’s for real people living real lives.

Many of our students comment that a lack of self-confidence holds them back, preventing them from achieving their personal and career goals and this course is designed to enable them to unlock their potential.

Imagine having the confidence, self-belief and direction to go out and exploit the opportunities that await you, both personally and professionally!

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Go….Make A Difference – What Is Covered.

  • Module One Getting straight to the point, knowing the reasons why you want to make a difference, making a start, knowing what the 7 key principles of the Go MAD® system are, being familiar with the Go MAD® framework
  • Module Two Understanding your natural ability, being able to define your own success, deciding what you want, developing your goal writing ability, filtering out negative thoughts, defining your goals.
  • Module Three Knowing how to plan priorities, gaining self control, the difference between urgent and important, developing a system, knowing how to de-clutter, being aware of the time stealers, understanding that the plan may change.
  • Module Four Having self belief, becoming your own best friend, being able to sell yourself to yourself, knowing how to write self-talk statements, being able to recognise the dream stealers, eliminating failure.
  • Module Five How to involve others to make a difference, why you should involve others, being able to share your goal, being aware of your qualities.
  • Module Six Taking personal responsibility for your actions, refusing to blame others or make excuses, leading by example, choosing to make time, overcoming bitterness and resentment.
  • Module Seven Being ready to take action, facing challenges, measuring the difference, importance of defining new goals, celebrating success.
  • Module Eight Solution focused thinking, the four Go MAD® thinking components, changing hindering thoughts into helpful thoughts, systems thinking and process thinking, coaching others, applying Go MAD® to teams, meetings and projects, making a start to MAD®….

Who Should Attend Go….Make A Difference?

This course is ideal for anyone who thinks they should be getting more out of life – more of what they deserve!

That holds true for whether you need to make a difference to your personal or work life. The key is to contact us and find out what you could achieve. Stop underestimating your potential!