SpeedWriting Course in London & Croydon
A Quick Alternative To Learning Shorthand!


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SpeedWriting Course

Based on the BakerWrite™ system, this SpeedWriting course is designed to enable you to take notes quickly and accurately at a minimum of 40 words per minute, and read them back.

Most people find that this method is much easier than Shorthand, and the whole course will take you around 6 hours to complete.

Course Content

In this SpeedWriting course, you’ll work through the following lessons at your own pace:

Lesson 1: Silent letters and vowels, phonetics and prefixes, exercises and dictation practice.

Lesson 2: More prefixes, use of subscript and superscript, exercises and dictation practice.

Lesson 3: Suffixes, exercises and dictation practice, dictation passages.

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SpeedWriting Course Structure

You can start the course anytime (even today!), and study at hours to suit you at one of our comfortable training centres in London (Notting Hill or Holborn), Croydon, or from home via distance learning.

Our opening hours are really flexible, and include evenings and Saturdays, making it easy for you to drop in and study when you have the time.

You’ll work through lessons of pre-recorded material, and if you get stuck our friendly and supportive tutors are on hand and ready to help at the training centre.

And, if you choose to study from home, our tutors are only a phone call or an email away.

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