What A Great Christmas Present -

A Touch Typing Course!


Touch Typing Course Christmas

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This Christmas, why not give someone special a gift that will last forever? A touch typing course!

When you think about it, most jobs today involve computers and most of us struggle along with two or three fingers, making lots of mistakes as we try to use the keyboard.

It’s the same whether you’re an administrator, a secretary or any kind of computer user.

So why not help someone you care about to rise above the norm and really learn to type quickly and accurately without looking at their fingers?

At only £322.05, it’s a great investment in the future!

Computer Keyboard Skills is our entry-level programme and it is aimed at getting students to an accurate touch typing speed of 15-25 words per minute.

The course is web-based, so it can be studied anywhere, visiting our High Holborn, Notting Hill or Manchester training centres to take an exam.

Or students can study the whole course at our centres if they prefer.

Most people prefer to study this way because we can keep an eye on their posture, finger position and wrists, so it’s very motivational!

And don’t forget that they can start this course at any time, even today if they wish.

They’ll enjoy 24 teaching units, submitting their work on-line through our Learning Management System so they can track their progress at any time.

They’ll learn everything from the importance of their seating position, the use of the “home keys” and everything they’ll need to type without looking at their fingers!

On average, most students complete their training in approximately 25 study hours.

To find out more or to purchase a course, just call us on:

020 7025 4700 for High Holborn

020 7792 5214 for Notting Hill

0161 923 6814 for Manchester

or contact us by email.

When you enrol that someone special, we’ll send you the course material so you have something really nice to give them on Christmas Day. And we’ll arrange their start date when you phone.

Please read our terms & conditions before ordering.