Word Proficient – 2003

About Our Word Courses For Beginners And Intermediates.

Research shows that most people only know how to use about 5% of Word’s functionality.

The Word Proficient course at Pitman Training London and Manchester will give you so much more knowledge and skill than the average user that you’ll be much more attractive to employers.

Most of our students think of this Word course as a voyage of discovery – a truly enjoyable way of learning what Word can do!

And it only requires 20 hours of study at our Notting Hill, High Holborn or Manchester training centres!

Every student gets a high quality workbook and after passing your exam, a handsome Pitman Training certificate – proof of your competence to prospective employers!

Not only that! Now you also get an internationally Microsoft certificate at no extra cost!

It’s the easiest way to get multiple qualifications!

To enrol or find out more, call

020 7025 4700 for High Holborn

020 7792 5214 for Notting Hill

0161 923 6814 for Manchester

Or contact us by email.

What Is Covered.

You’ll cover 8 lessons which will tell you everything you need to know to help you use Word at an intermediate level including:

  • Lesson 1: Naming and saving a document; insert and overtype mode; editing text; print preview and printing documents; using the Office Assistant.
  • Lesson 2: Shortcut menus; spelling and grammar; using the thesaurus; line and paragraph spacing; opening an existing document; using the taskbar to switch between windows; undo and redo; creating a new folder.
  • Lesson 3: Automatic date and time; envelopes and labels; different screen views; page breaks; navigating between pages; text enhancement; applying character spacing; text alignment; changing font and font size.
  • Lesson 4: Use Auto Correct; use a wizard; tabulation , format painter , cut , copy and paste; the office clipboard.
  • Lesson 5: Use find and replace; browse feature; bullets and numbering; headers and footers; page numbering; aligning text vertically.
  • Lesson 6: Tables; sorting text; AutoSum; applying borders and shading; indenting text by specific measurements and styles.
  • Lesson 7: Using the drawing toolbar; WordArt; ClipArt; inserting symbols; formatting text into columns; inserting column breaks.
  • Lesson 8: Apply styles; outline view; document map; changing page orientations; web page preview; web layout view; using email in Word; attaching files to email messages; inserting hyperlinks; saving as a web page.

Who Should Take The Pitman Training Word Proficient Course?

This course is suitable for a wide range of students – from those who have never used a word processor before to to those who are self-taught.

Even people who have used Word for ages but spend hours trying to work out certain functions or want to stretch their skills will benefit.

In fact, everyone seems to benefit from this exciting programme!