Cristina Secaira – Trainer at Notting Hill Centre

Cristina SecairaMy name is Cristina Secaira. I am a trainer at Pitman Training Notting Hill.

When I decided to move to another country in order to pursue my dreams, it was difficult; not only for the language barrier but also for the work experience needed to succeed.

I came to know Pitman through an intensive online research. The courses they offered were pretty much what employers required in the new job market. Hence, I went to the Pitman Training Centre in High Holborn to find out more about Pitman and I absolutely liked what I saw.

The opportunity to study at my own pace at my own time was the reason which drove me to enrol myself for the Executive PA diploma.

After two years of studying my diploma I was invited to join the team. That was an amazing chance for me to use all the skills that I learnt during my training process.

Now, I am using the knowledge I gained at Pitman and being able to help and supporting students is a very rewarding experience.

I invite anyone who is looking into a career change or simply upgrading their skills to come and sees us, we will be happy to help.

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